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Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

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  • Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

    Hey guys,

    My partner and I currently own a little Japanese Spitz male who is about 14-15 weeks old. He gets left totally alone for 3 days a week, i have uni, partner works, which is no problem we have a big back yard and he goes exploring and sleeps most of the day anyway.

    However we have been thinking about getting a 2nd JS, but this time a female. We firstly think it would be nice for our dog to have another pack member and a canine companion.

    Im interested to know of stories of people who went from 1 to 2 dogs any how they found the experience. In terms of responsibilty, if we already have 1 dog i cant see having a 2nd dog much harder or much more work, but the rewards will outweigh the burdens. Our little pup will have friend, the new pup will have a friend and a good home.

    They really dont eat that much food cause of there size, but they are pretty energetic and because we cant sit there and play with the dog all the time, i was thinking another dog would be able to do that. Its not about being lazy and getting another dog to replace our care and time, but rather be nice for both the dogs to have pack mate.

    cheers guys

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    Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

    Hi there
    We have two dogs, 1 male & 1 female and they keep each other company.
    A few years ago we had 1 dog who used to get up to mischief as he got bored during the day so after he passed away and when it was time to get a new dog we decided that two was the go.

    Yeah it is a bit more expensive to keep two but i think their interaction with you is greater when there are two of them and our two tend to be less inclined to destroy things (puppy stage aside)



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      Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

      Hey Mal,

      yeah thats what i spoke about with my GF too, i suggest that our little pup might not be so interested in mischief is he has a buddy to wrestle and play with rather than focus his energy onto the environment.

      Yeah the intial cost of anothe pup is a bit of a burden, but we found a nice breeder whose blood line differes from our boy, so we could even have a litter or 2 down the track which would recoup all costs, however we arent breeders and its not our priority.

      I just like Japanese Spitz, they are very smart, playful loyal dogs. The cost i can see coming from owning a 2nd dog is, a tad bit more food, vet bill and inital cost, otherwise it takes really no extra effort to look after than 1 we have now.

      I think im convinced to get another. My Gf is leaving it upto me to decided on getting this one so others oppions are good too.


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        Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

        I have two dogs, both are female one is 8 and the other one is 9. They both get along together for one main reason. the way we have brought them up.
        Age, Type and sex of the dog doesnt even come into it if you do the right things while bringing them up and intergrating them. It takes time to train dogs like it does to raise a child.

        Ours also have a loving relationship with our two cats



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          Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

          We have a 8 year old cat and this pup and the dog likes to stir the cat and the cat likes to hiss and swipe the dog! its a bit chaotic!


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            Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

            At the moment we have 3 bitches. Used to have those 3 and a dog as well.

            We regularly have 5 when my son and daughter in laws dogs visit. And twice a year we have pups.

            The secret as coffeechris said is in the training.

            And it helps to have a large yard, but that is probably breed dependent. Ours have about a third of an acre to themselves, including a lock up dog run for when they need to be isolated from eachother or others......

            Training is the key.

            If you dont have time for them and they are just going to languish in the yard forget it, as you have to cater to their needs and instincts as well as your own. And of course remember you are in it for the long haul as they are not like a toy that can be discarded when the owner gets tired of it.....

            Hope that helps,
            Attilio & wife, keepers of plenty of domestic ( home use )
            dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and thousands of wild
            mice, rats, tiger snakes, frogs, kangaroos and others.


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              Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

              I have always had several dogs at once.

              My last two were females and one came after the other. As much as there was an age difference between them, when one died of old age, the second started to get ill and over time but within a year, died as well. Its the sad thing about having two, I think.

              I now have a brother and sister pair of Stumpy Red cattle dogs who are also very close. A bond that was brought home to me the other day when I had to take the dog to the vet and his sister was left at home. When I came back without him, she ran around me and back to their kennel, looking and quite clearly asking me where was he! So, we had some girl time but in the end she just went and stayed in the kennel, waiting for her brother to reappear. When I brought him home the next day their reunion was quite fun to watch!

              So, I would say go for it, however, just be aware that you might have to deal with separation anxiety at those times when you need to take one away from the other.

              Hey Attilio, were the same! Though, I think we have more brown and black snakes, Ive not seen tiger snakes here, though Id bet they are around. I was saddened to see that a tiny bat had run into the side of my house and not survived the experience this week too...


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                Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                Ive had one, then two, then one. Always males.

                Had three for a month when I looked after a friends dog, that was a lot more work than two, but two isnt much more than one. Of course two dogs can dish out twice as much destruction as one dog can

                As for breeding, I wouldnt bother. Leaving a female desexed leaves her with a high risk of cancer and unwanted pregnancy and then there that dripping blood problem. The vet bills etc with a litter make the financial side of it a bit hit and miss as well.

                Dogs are ace 8-)


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                  Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                  Two dogs are better than one if you like dogs - full stop. We have two big dogs (one extra large) and they are quieter together, they are happier and more secure.
                  Our dogs are part of the family and pretty much live inside (I dont personally agree with this but must abide by it as I am am only home half the year and easily out voted). I sleep very soundly when I am away knowing that my family is safe because I have dogs. From a security point of view, you probably wont get your coffee beans stolen by a burgler with a dog around. You will certainly not get your coffee stolen with two dogs in the house. Even small dogs make way too much noise and draw too much attention to themselves when agitated by unwelcome guests. Coffee burglars dont like this as a general rule and stay well away, instead undertaking their dastardly deeds somewhere else.

                  Moreover, two dogs will not get bored as easily and they will not get up to half as much mischief. However, they will take up more of your time - there will be twice as many balls and sticks to throw and twice as many wrestling death matches and pats to give but that is also good IMHO.

                  The photo is my side of the bed when I am away!!!! >


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                    Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                    Awww Mariner...

                    A Dog and his gorgeous is that!


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                      Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                      i love playing with my dog and as macho and tough male as i want to sound i go all gooey and gagga over my little pup.
                      I have noticed my dog is starting to get that pack protection mentality as he knows i am still pack leader and he is learning to obey me, but on walks he is always on the look out for me and my GF and keeping an eye on us.

                      I cant say im a professional dog trainer as this is my first dog in a while, but i do love my dog and i enjoy playing and spending time with him and if its true that 2 dogs isnt THAT much more effort than 1, then great.

                      Our 1 dog isnt very hard to look after, i think it was more the shock of change of lifestyle dealing with a pup, but our jap spitz is very smart and he learns quickly and when its bed time, he sleeps all night without a peep, no trips outside anymore which only lasted 4 weeks anyway. Day by day he knows the limits and obeys more and more, which also pleases me to get another one.

                      I figured if we have 1, a 2nd shouldnt really hurt. The hardest part was getting 1!

                      JS really want to please there masters too and want attention from there master all the time, even sitting or laying at your feet will be a treat for them, so having a pack mate will help ease that as rather than try give 100% to us, they can attend each other


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                        Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                        Here is "Yuki" our Japanese Spitz. Yuki means Snow in Japanese, we thought a fitting name for the breed.

                        We might follow suit on next one.


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                          Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                          Originally posted by 6D7D71716A7F41797F721E0 link=1334539092/9#9 date=1334580451
                          A Dog and his gorgeous is that!
                          Not quite.....(both girls) one wearing her brothers PJs and the other smelly, but lovingly slobbery brindle one, sleeping on my pillow...but thank you - gorgeous none the less.


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                            Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                            .....and you could probably invent a canine-powered bean cooler if you were really keen Our beloved Border Idiot (Border Collie / German Coolie cross) would have loved the idea.


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                              Re: Calling Owners of 2 dogs out there

                              We had 2 whippets for virtually all of their adult lives. Both acquired at about 18 months as give aways from different sources. Like you, we felt that a companion animal for our companion animal would be a good idea, and not much more trouble. We had the female desexed, and they were devoted to each other (and us) for their entire lives together. The female recently died, and our male dog is lost without her. We have discovered that he is going blind, and his hearing isnt great either, so he was relying on her to help him out. The separation is rather sad to watch, although we try to give him extra love but nothing seems to put the "spring in his step" in the same way that she did a dozen times a day. My advice would be to go ahead and get the second dog, get her desexed, and try to socialize them separately as well as together. Good luck and best wishes. Please remember, though, that dogs do bond, so if you bring them together, it should be for life.