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  • Buying a Car

    Hey folks,

    To put simply, i love cars and motorbikes as much as a i love coffee and thats alot. Im a petrol head at heart, fuel runs through my veins as does coffee...
    However im at a cross roads atm.
    I currently own no car, because i know they are a pit of money, i sold off all my cars and toys because ive gone back to uni so im a student so my income is very low, but i do get some income so thats all good.
    I was previously working for the last 5 years and ive saved up quite a bit of cash so i live very comfortably.
    I love cars and bikes not only just for driving them, but its a social thing i do with certain mates, i love tinkering with them and working on them, just something about it that does it for me.

    However the itch is coming back and ive spoken to many people around me and i get a mixed bag, so im going to spread the oppions further and i want to know what others on here feel about my situation. Regardless of wether you like cars or not, im interested in all peoples oppions.

    So my situation is, i want to get a bike but they are too dangerous (as ive had a few bad crashes), so i want to get a car that can emulate as best as possible that bike feeling, however id like it to be reasonably economical, but give you that sense of fun and excitment like a kid at christmas. Looks is a personal thing.

    To me this narrows it down to a "roadster". My GF has a new 4 door civic so the practical car is covered, so even i get osmething a bit more impractical its ok as its mostly me and her.

    So from my searching ive come across a very tidy Honda CRX. Some like it some dont, i think they are a neat little package, targa roof, light and agile, honda quality. However one im fond of has had about $35,000 spent on it. Its basically been rebuilt from the ground up, repainted, has a rebuilt Integra type R motor. all running gear is rebuilt, suspension is new. It looks like a stock little unit with some touched up bits and modernised, so its not been done up for some ricer kid with chrome and bodykits, its very subtle in design and its mostly been spent on the mechanics.

    However im trying to justify if i want to buy it, its up for sale for 12,500 which is drastically cheaper, ive checked it out and driven it and its an amazing car. No sinister past nor hidden issues and ive checked the car very particularly.

    I dont NEED a car as i can use public transport, but cars and bikes are a passion and a hobby, i can afford to buy the car and run it, but is it an unneccesary expense that i dont have to get, just for the sake of some fun. Its like i can come up with every reason to buy it and every reason not too. I guess many go through this when deciding to buy anything!

    Oppions ?

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    Re: Buying a Car

    Hi Thirteen13,

    I fully understand your predicament. Recenlty my partner and I decided that we should sell my car, keep hers for a run around and purchase a new car for the both of us. I love driving, and so I like you wanted something i would enjoy, something that would excite me. I also however needed to consider that she does not, its an A to B thing for her, and certain compromises needed to be made.

    We are currently searching, and saving, something it seems you have done succesfully.

    If you can afford it, then I think your decision comes down to value, and I dont mean value for money.

    The biggest question is can you see value in having this car, does the end justify the means, what will spending the money mean? and what will having the car mean? if you can see the value in having the car, then the car to you becomes genuinely valuable, and that should be all the reason you need.

    Happy motoring,



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      Re: Buying a Car

      Originally posted by 4D4354544F48260 link=1335880815/1#1 date=1335904152
      If you can afford it, then I think your decision comes down to value, and I dont mean value for money.
      Sure, if you can buy the car without sacrificing anything else, fair enough. But at the end of the day you are giving up something (not just $$$.....the other stuff you like that you could buy with the $$) to get the car. I agree that value is a very subjective concept, but ultimately cost (and i hate to ay it opportunity cost) is clearly relevant. What if 13 can see value in the car, but can also see value in myriad other things (house/financial security/coffee gear/inducing perth cafes to open on weekends)? I guess 13 is trying to work out exactly how that tradeoff sits for them....but pretty hard for us to guess just how much he/she wants the car relative to other things.

      Sorry, the above is not much help i know. Ill take my professional hat off now.

      If the car will make you smile every morning....Id be tempted to get it. .


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        Re: Buying a Car

        mmm very good points made by both of you.

        @Barry: Your spot on the money there.

        Because i am studying and my income isnt that huge, im not really able to save up for anything bigger, so i dont own a house at the moment, but with the prospect of a higher education (im studying accounting so job is hopefully assured) once i become employed in the future, then my priorities will change and i will become focused on saving for something that is a financial asset such as a house.

        I guess i have to ask how everyone out there, how to view the cost of enjoyment and hobbies ?
        Car manufacturers obviously know customers take sentimental value in cars, hence why car salespeople can bend people to buying a car, by telling them how great they look in it.
        It seems all hobbies and interests somehow cater to our emotions, its what makes us happy.
        One part of me thinks, "Well i only live once, why not". But then the senisble side of me thinks, "Its a silly reason to buy it, i have other things to keep me happy and should be more constructive"

        Buying it will take part of that money away which ill still have a bit left, which to be honest would only otherwise be spent on new computer, luxury food items, or travel. As im current income situation doesnt really permit me to save a huge amount of money, its either save what ive got for down the track, or just enjoy it now and when the time comes around then focus on the bigger things. Saving for me is easy, i have every thing in a home i need, bed, coffee machine computer . I dont buy little trinkets often.

        FX3 - Are you getting another car, is that what you mean by searching ?


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          Re: Buying a Car

          My 1c... you cant take it with you. It sounds like youd really enjoy having it so as long as you can afford to spend the money without going short on essentials I say do it. If it came to it you could prob always sell it for close to what you paid by the sounds of things.


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            Re: Buying a Car

            It sounds like youve had a few cars in the past because you liked owning them. So, why not just go with that now as well?

            I have two cars, a motorbike and a scooter.

            The scooter I would happily sell, as I dont really use it much any more, however, it barely costs me anything to own...just its annual rego. I cant say Ive even done enough kms to have to service it lately.

            The bike will never go. It is more than sentimental to me, it is a part of the family, it was my husbands reward to himself when he achieved turbine jet pilot and his hobby away from flying. It is now a collectors item, no longer is the super sport Ducati made any more. I am more than happy to pay its rego every year. I would ride it rarely these days. But that is no reason to get rid of it.

            I have my dream car, the Chevrolet Silverado. It still gets my heart going when I hear it roar to life! I wont sell it either, as I dont think I could. Id just miss it too much. Again, it costs very little each year and I dont mind paying what I do for it as for me, its a cheap hobby. It also still serves me very well as the workhorse seeing as I can get a tonne of gear into the back of it, including both the scooter and the bike!!

            My other car is the FJ Cruiser. Its an awesome fun and modern car that I am totally loving. I have it so I can continue to have some adventures and now do it with a funky looking car that is fun to drive and can take me anywhere. Like this July, were heading to Cape York to touch the tip of Australia. I havent had it long enough yet to say if Id sell it but at the moment I would say if I had to sell it, Id just go and buy another!

            None of the above vehicles have any loans against them, I own them all and I guess in light of that, it makes it easier to hang onto them as Im not paying much to own them.

            Also, there is no public transport out here... ;D


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              Re: Buying a Car

              Cheers guys, i like hearing other peoples versions on things helps me decide.

              I know i cant take it with me and life really is about having fun and we shouldnt get too tied up worrying about things.

              Toys like this really are a big part of my life, esp when you work on them you grow an attachment to them. Im glad im not the only one out there like this!

              Its True Tim and Scoota, i also plan on getting another bike down the track, i couldnt afford both, but i can afford 1 and car would be more sense option at this point in time.

              I reckon even if worst came to worst i could sell it and i doubt i would lose much on it, it is a very frugal car to run and uses very little fuel as its a very small car, then again a 1.8L can be pretty bad on fuel esp when its sitting at 9000 rpm! but thats not for the daily drive like that!


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                Re: Buying a Car

                13 - I bought a Renault Clio. I reckon theyre much more interesting and unique than a japanese car. 2.0l vtec/vvt engine, superb handling, great commuter and track day car.

                This is a good example for sale in your budget. Let me know if you cant open the link.



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                  Re: Buying a Car

                  Yeah we are looking for a new car, not as hard now though i must admit.

                  I think your in a pretty fortunate position in that you have the money already, plus a little bit left over. Its a funny thing that having the money already, and the thought of eating into savings often seems harder to justify than taking out a loan for something.

                  Perhaps it has something to do with the security that having money put away brings.

                  In the end everyone has bacis needs I think, and as long as you are able to afford your basic needs, then as you said your spending can be directed towards luxurys, and this car seems to be the ultimate luxury so why not.

                  As you said, this or some other luxury items, and being in the fitness industry, I would hope that you would rather spend 3 or 4 hours on a sunday getting stuck into some winding back road than some luxury food ;D


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                    Re: Buying a Car

                    This is perth, the round abouts are about as windy as they get! Which is another reason to not get a bike, talk about chicken stripes!

                    Need login Kite, i do european cars, i think with our geographical position though they can be expensive on parts should the need arise, Hondas althought will bust your wallet too if you need any parts, the quality is there esp considering this particular one has had all the consumable parts replaced / freshened up. So all the issues with a car being old have been removed which gives the car an easy 20 year life!

                    fx3qtr, i know exactly what you mean getting a loan seems like your using someone elses money rather than the hard earned dollars you worked for, which we both know isnt true cause you end up paying more back but i can relate to that feeling.

                    When i was working, i had a very boring job, however the pay was pretty good for an unskilled person so i decided that id save absolutely every cracker i could, i had very cheap rent and food was my only overhead so i saved and saved and ended up with what i have.

                    I spose the other way of looking at it is, if i was working and had a proper income then it wouldnt be soo hard to decide as the money spent on the car could pretty easily be replaced. In terms of a car its not a very expensive one when compared with the enjoyment it brings. Another idea i had was even if i had a full wage, say i finished my degree and can get a graduate position as an accountant i doubt ill be on much more than 50k starting out for a bit and with that in mind i wouldnt spend more than what ive budgetted now on a car, so its not like im using this money to save for a better car.

                    Its actually this car which i like. Plus imo and this is soley my oppion but spending anything more than 20,000 on a car (unless your filthy rich) really is pointless, you dont get THAT much extra luxury, power, so unless i had very large wealth im within my happy range!


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                      Re: Buying a Car

                      get a suzuki fa50 scooter for 300$. Register it for $70, Fill it with petrol for $3, and race down to the local shops at max 50kmh... wind in your hair free as a bird- and 11+K burning a hole in your pocket.


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                        Re: Buying a Car

                        I think ive come to the point where im not going to buy it, i knew it was a repairable write off as ive seen all the pictures and the car is mechanically sound as it was rebuilt from the ground up. But think of me trying to resell it with the black mark of WRITE OFF next to its name.. Ive been down that path before and although i trust its good, people get funyn about it and i dont want to deal with.

                        However you do mention bike and i am a die hard biker and ive had 3 crashes and still want to ge tanother bike, the mrs is even telling me to get another bike, i dont know if its the safest option though!