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  • Hanging up the Tamper...

    Well, as of today, after 8 years, I am no longer employed as a barista.

    Yep, Ive hung up the tamper (actually, Ive just put it on the side of my own machine at home  ;D) and will not be making coffee for pay any more.

    It was my own choice to move on, after a local job was advertised that I considered applying for and finally got!

    I am back in the industry that I have a passion for, (yes apart from coffee!) and that is aviation. I will be now an "office chick", along with an "assistant ops manager" and a "chemical stock controller" all whilst being able to catch a whiff of that Jet fuel!

    But before I really sink my teeth into that job, were actually off for a 5 week trip to Cape York, camper trailers in tow!

    So, if anyone comes to Wee Waa, please still go to the bakery, I have trained my replacement and hes doing great! But dont ask for me, I wont be there! (unless Im getting coffee or lunch for myself!)

    Well, no more posting in the Barista Venting thread I guess!  ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

    Congratulations Scoots, but... the office chick wont you be expected to make the coffee? 

    Good luck in your new role.


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      Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

      Hello Tamsyne

      Congratulations my darling!

      Eight years in the one place is a long stint in any type of job, but I imagine working for that long as a Barista in a country town means you would have built a close relationship with everyone. Although Im sure youve trained your replacement well, it will be a sad day for customers tomorrow when they realise that your friendly smile wont be there to meet them.

      Enjoy your break, and when you start in the new job, take your tamper with you - if you use it properly you can type at least 6 letters at a time with it!



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        Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

        All the best Scoota gal.
        You now have at least [smiley=happy.gif]2 passions in life.
        Enjoy your trip.
        Looking forward to many more posts from you.
        Herbie and the Missus.


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          Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

          7 year itch plus 1 for luck?

          After 8 years in the hub of a country town I guess there aint much you dont know about the comings and goings in the town. I guess falling out of the loop will be a little weird for a while but knowing you it wont take long to become the hub of the new job too.

          I hope the new role is, and becomes everything you wish for.

          Enjoy the road trip too. 5 weeks zig zagging up the cape should be amazing. Take lots of pictures to share with us.
          ...and dont forget to pack the coffee.


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            Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

            Andy...just ordered supplies... ;D Well, for me and my regular customers! That is one thing I will still be doing and not many other than Andy knew that I was...and that was supplying a core group of locals with fantastic coffee, fresh roasted! Even here, we get it within 4 days of Andy roasting! My er, exboss asked me today that I keep them supplied with the tea, chai and specialty coffee that I have.

   far, my new colleague has been getting me coffee from...the bakery!  ;D I had to tell her that my limit was in fact one a day...otherwise Id be a nervous wreck for the rest of the day! Still, was a good way to make sure that my protege was doing a good job...and so he was!

            Thats the 2 edged sword, I think...knowing everyone and knowing a lot about them. One thing is for sure, I am still a big part of this community, what with being the coach and now president of the local swimming club, a volunteer in the Rural Fire Service and still dropping into the bakery for my own coffee fix! (oh how I am looking forward to taking up a bench space for hours on end!  ;D) I dont think the locals will forget me in a hurry. I guess all they will have to get used to is not seeing me every time they go in! For me, that isnt such a bad thing, as I began to find that more often I was wishing that it was me sitting with friends and enjoying their company, rather than having to quickly serve them and then get on to the next person.

            So far, as I have been doing a few days at my new job and a few at the old up until Friday, that the days I got to go in and collect my coffee on the way to work was just so great! Id go and find that my ex bosses were having their brekky together, Id go and join them for a quick chat and my coffee was getting made in the meantime! Wow!  ;D I can get used to that!

            So, there is a travel blog for our trip to the Cape, I will be trying to keep it updated as much as internet connection will can see it at...



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              Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

              All the best SG in your new work! Not sure if you remember me from on of the CS coffee crawls... anyway, Im up in Brisbane now, so if youre coming through here, let me know and itll be great to make you a coffee!


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                Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

                You will enjoy the Cape at this time of year. Have fun.


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                  Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

                  Sure do remember you, Ben and your lovely family too! I guess that little girl is now a bit bigger! Might very well take you up on that offer, as I may be returning home via Brisvegas to pick up something for the car.

                  Thanks Stan, cant wait to get up to your part of paradise!


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                    Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

                    Yeah, you remember me and my family! Its since grown a bit more. I just had my 4th a few days ago... all girls!

                    Please do drop in for a cuppa! My new Diadema Junior SA should be arriving either Thursday or Friday (all being well with the freight company!!!) and hopefully by the time youre in Brisvegas, Id be in full swing with that machine!


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                      Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

                      Good luck I think you will miss being a barista, I left a country town after being a barista there for 7 years and moved interstate. I got another barista job 2 weeks later and continue being so after some 11 years....which I enjoy very much.

                      My previous job was as a technician on ten pin bowling machinery, I loved this job and still miss it to this day.....but we all move on at some stage.

                      all the best!


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                        Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

                        Ben...FOUR girls!  I feel for you brother... ;D Better get a couple more bathrooms in your home!  ;D All the best with that, I am sure that they are all adorable princesses though! 8-)

               this stage, I am taking great delight in telling people I dont have to make their coffee any more and even greater delight with playing with these...


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                          Re: Hanging up the Tamper...

                          Hi Scoots,
                          Your magnificent photo [smiley=thumbsup.gif] took us back to our Riverina roots of the last 33 years less 5 the months we have been residents of Brisvagus. Wonderful memories.
                          We would sit at the kitchen table enjoying our coffees as the house resonated to the ag. planes gyrations. Out in the paddocks the cows and calves would be racing away from the plane across the paddocks. We have nothing but admiration for the piloting skills of the "croppy pilots". Many a time we have had the hell scared out of us when we drove home along the Riverina highway as there would be a loud whoosh as the yellow ag. planes appeared low over the irrigation canal banks and passed over our car . Thank you for such a great shot.