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HECKLER: "Ordering coffee can be a grind"

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  • HECKLER: "Ordering coffee can be a grind"

    Article from today's SMH. I tend to only order long or short blacks and the occasional filter depending on the single origin on offer. I asked for a latte on a doppio ristretto base once and the person behind the counter replied "So you want a half strength latte?". Fail. Luckily the barista knew what I was talking about.

    ANYONE who has pulled the ''lemon face'' while sipping bitter espresso, or consumed a latte the consistency of bubble bath foam will vouch for the fact there is such a thing as good and bad coffee. Certainly, Sydney has developed something of a coffee culture, with entire guides devoted to the coffee hot spots across town. But, has this interest become an obsession? Have we crossed the line between discerning and too darned difficult?

    It was not until I started working at a coffee shop in a well-to-do region of Sydney that I realised the extent of the burgeoning trend of coffee particularity. Here, customers haven't merely passed the line of pickiness, but pole-vaulted across it. Now, no order can shock me. I've heard everything from a ''strong, half-skim, half-soy decaf latte'' to a ''triple-shot long black with a cappuccino top'' (I'm sorry, what?). That's before you've even factored in sugars, sweeteners and flavours. Some coffee orders at my workplace require such an essay of description that they don't fit on the take-away lid and have become known as the "Cathy" or the ''Tony''. A few finicky customers even demand to know whether a certain barista is rostered on. Apparently, without an Italian making their caramel latte, it just isn't authentic.

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    Totally agree. Takes me back to my mcafe days where one customers order was a soy, quarter strength, decaf, warm flat white with no foam whatsoever.


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      Or the Whitlam's song....."she ordered a hamburger with the lot, no meat....Hey that's a salad roll I said"


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        Originally posted by mwcalder05 View Post customers order was a soy, quarter strength, decaf, warm flat white with no foam whatsoever.
        I think that's what they call the "Why bother"


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          I honestly felt like giving her some warm milk haha