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  • Worldly Travels? Do share!

    Hey all.
    I just arrived home from a trip overseas and I'm in that post-travel-home-sucks mode where all you want is to tell people how good life was a week ago and make coffee to fuel the talking (or typing).

    I thought I'd kick off a thread because it's always interesting to hear where people have been and what they've done. If you have any photos to share, please do!

    Anyway here goes:
    I headed over to California at the end of last year. I attended a semester of college (basically a huge party) in mid Missouri. I went to Jamaica over Spring Break and then travelled the US for the remaining 3 months.
    On a slightly relevant note, coffee was hit and miss! Unfortunately finding somewhere that made a "cafe latte" to a CSer's standards was tricky. I ended up finding love with Starbucks iced coffees. Mostly because they were EVERYWHERE and cheap too. Although now that I'm home to my espresso machine I'm certainly not missing those watery things.
    A week ago I was in Hawaii. Today I'm where I sat this time last year purchasing air tickets. The time flew by really fast as it always does when you travel.

    I've attached a couple of pics below including, Makapu'u Hawaii, Times Square NY, San Francisco, New Orleans French Quarter, The White House in DC, Missouri, and Yosemite National Park in Cali.
    I also visited LA, Salt Lake City (Utah), Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago, Memphis, Savannah (Georgia), Pittsburgh, New Jersey and below here is a picture of the cliffs along West End in Negril, Jamaica.

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