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Australian cities tops the World's most livable cities list

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  • Australian cities tops the World's most livable cities list

    Melbourne tops the list but what's surprising is Adelaide comes in equal fifth with Calgary Canada, and second amongst the Australian cities beaten only by Melbourne, not bad for a city most outside of Oz never even know about

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    I'm proud of my little ol Adelaide...we have the snowtown murders, the malls balls, and cibo...


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      Melbourne is awesome, i can see why it tops the list. Got a link?


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        I have never been to Melbourne (top of my list for the retirement travel) but in spite of the often-mentioned unpredictable weather it seems to get the vote of just about everyone I talk with as a great place to visit. Most often mentioned is the 'Cafe Culture'. I'm looking forward to a first visit in the next 12mths or so.


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          There's a city called Adelaide now? Wow.


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            none of them would appear anywhere on a list of my most liveable cities, i was born in melb but would not move back under any circumstances, australia only has one real world class city and thats sydney. i did have a giggle at seeing adelaide in there, maybe they surveyed in an old peoples home or something!

            seriously though, its a hugely subjective thing, I wouldnt want to live in any city with the sort of climates the high rating ones have, climate is one of the highest issues of liveability for me and they are all too cold!


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              Adelaide is livable to me because you can still drive into the city and not tear your hair out in frustration due to parking or traffic. Mind you its becoming a little that way the last couple of years. You can still own a house and not a box. I live in a house 20 mins from the city with 700sqm of land and 280sqm of house. Can't do that in sydney or Melbourne without owing a million or more to the bank. Each time I visit my relatives in Sydney I feel claustrophobic.


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                According to this study about the most liveable cities in the world,

                World's most livable cities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                The first seven are:

                1 Melbourne 2 Vienna 3 Vancouver 4 Toronto 5 Calgary 6 Adelaide 7 Sydney.

                These are the ideal destinations, thanks to a widespread availability of goods and services, low personal risk, and an effective infrastructure. It does not take into account climate or the cost of living as a factor in 'liveability or the quality of coffee available.

                While Sydney suffers from traffic congestion and we lost our extensive tram system years ago, I personally think that if you considered climate and closeness to good surfing beaches Sydney would run rings around the top rated six.

                while we may not all go to the beaches regularly, we all have to put up with the weather every day.

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