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New softare. Posting pictures

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  • New softare. Posting pictures

    Maybe its just me, but i have had a frustrating time trying to post pictures with this new Forum software.
    The little "Insert Image" icon opens up a URL enty box, but invariably i get "Invalid file format" rejection message with no explanation as to what is invalid about it ( no problems on the old forum sw or other sites ?)
    I use Image Shack to store pics .
    Anyway, having wasted most of an evening trying to post a picture i eventually cracked it !
    How ??
    Simple,.. ignore the "insert image" icon, and simply "Copy / Paste" the image direct into the post !!
    WTF didnt someone point that out a month ago ?
    Am i the last to catch on to this ?

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    I usually attach the images from my laptop. Never had any problems with this... But thanks for the tip.