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Coffeesnobs roast members card

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  • Coffeesnobs roast members card

    Hi Andy,

    I've made a few purchases from beanbay so far starting from the starter kit to now 30kgs of greens! I also recently ordered the thermocouple USB kit. But still no CS card.

    When are they coming in? Thanks.

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    Hi broken, You'll need to email Andy direct with any questions, comments. He doesn't read every contribution to the Forum or use the messaging system.

    BTW--the order spot for the cards in the Bean Bay says 'asking doesn't make it happen faster', and that they'll show up again as soon as they arrive.



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      Coffeesnobs roast members card

      Got it. Will do.


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        +1 for what Greg said (ta).

        In BeanBay it says:

        ***CARDS ARE OUT OF STOCK***
        ***They will show as available when they are back in stock***
        ***asking "are we there yet" doesnt make it faster***
        CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay

        I have also updated the Member Cards post with:

        PLEASE NOTE:
        The Member Cards are unavailable till further notice.

        When they are available you will be able to select them in BeanBay

        I don't know if they will ever be available again and if I could click my fingers and make if happen with magic I would but the fact is... until they exist they don't exist.