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Bushfires, heat, now floods.

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  • Bushfires, heat, now floods.

    It was only two years ago that parts of Australia was inundated by flooding that made world wide news.

    Not so long ago we as a country was suffering from extreme heat that broke records, and the resulting fires which burnt out more than 70,000 hectares which wiped out wildlife, habitats, farm stock and homes.

    Today we are glued to the news of record breaking floods in Queensland which bought deja vu to residents in low lying areas. Heart wrenching memories came back to those who recovered and rebuilt their lives after the 2011 floods.

    My heart goes out to them and for some fellow snobs who I,m sure will put their coffee enjoyment on hold.

    I was particularly disappointed to see on ABC1 news this morning that a lady at Bundaberg tearily said she got charged $11.00 for a cup of coffee whilst her houseboat where she lives with her kids went under! The news crew said they would investigate why cafes are taking advantage of people in this dire situation . I would be interested to see the outcome.

    There is a feeling that we have accepted that the increase of these extreme weather events is due to the ongoing global climate change bought about by both natural and man made elements.

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    Perhaps more telling was seeing the PM giving a news conference from Heyfield in the Gippsland bushfire zone and talking about floods in Bundaberg and Gympie.


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      It is more normal for us to put out fires with our hoses and equipment. Meanwhile, this has been the first year I have gone to fires that were started by lightning and then put out within hours by rain!

      However, no one is ever upset when the weather changes on a fire ground include a steady down pour of rain! It's always a good result when a fire is put out, even better when we get help from above!

      Though, I had to laugh at the irony yesterday when we were all detasked from Coonabarabran and not one helicopter or plane could leave because the airport was socked in by cloud and rain!


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        Thinking of CS'rs in Grafton, Rocky, Bundaberg, Lismore etc etc... I know we have a lot of regular CS'rs in those areas and I hope they have dry feet!


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          Thanks Andy,(on behalf of Rockhampton)
          I live on the lower slopes of the Berserker range. This wasn't by accident. Before we were married, my wife experienced flooding in her previous home and I was determined it would never happen to her again. We are pretty well on top of a hill so no chance of mud slip or being in the way of an old watercourse. In spite of this, there was so much rain in such a short time that I had 30mm of water at the backdoor for a day or two.
          As we speak the lowest area in town is a sea of brown water. One of the pubs is half a Km from the river but puts up a sign saying "River views".
          The main problem for most Rocky residents is the isolation the floods cause as the roads are cut north and south so that fresh meat, vegies and fruit can't get through. People go a bit crazy and panic-buy which causes problems for everyone. I had my Beanbay timing sorted out so it has been coffee as usual.