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  • LG QA or not

    Originally posted by blend52 View Post
    Not only are you "off topic" of the threads discussion re the 6910, but you are also off the sub topic of LG's QUALITY policy.
    You are complaining about local Customer Service, and Retailer support, neither of which are relevant to Quality systems and are more likely related to the Aussie retailer policy's, and service skill levels.
    At least your LG lasted the warranty period, which is more than some of these Sunbeam and Breville products are....... apparently.

    and Journeyman... the PF is Sunbeam specific..possibly even 6910/6900 specific.
    You missed the bit where I said it appeared to be a design fault with the machine that caused it to weep water onto the electronics and short them out.
    The QA comes in to picture when the company isn't interested in investigating this and hopefully design this out of their product. It doesn't just stop at the factory door. Improvements should be made as a result of how the products perform in service. Customer Service failed in not taking on board this information. I would have thought that the authorised repairer would have come under the LG quality assurance umbrella if LG recommended them. The retailer provided information only, didn't go to them for support, that was LG's job. - Principle 1 makes for interesting reading

    Big difference between a $2000 appliance just lasting the warranty period and a $200 coffee machine. The 2 sunbeam machines we had in the past never failed, even well clear of warranty periods. They were victims of upgrades.

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    I really dont see the point of prolonging this ..but
    Just to show there is always more than one side to a situation.
    .a TRUE story..
    We have had an LG fridge/freezer for 10 years or so.
    About 8 years into its life i got an Email from LG customer service informing me that their records showed i was the purchaser of said appliance and that it was the subject of a product defect replacement program. specifically a sensor for something in the control panel.
    NOTE: - there was NO fault on my fridge and i made no approach to LG.
    After a few Emails to confirm details, a service tech was dispatched to replace the said sensor ( at our time of choice).
    Fast effective service, cost to me, even polite follow up a week or so later to check the work was completed satisfactorily. !
    I dont think I have ever had anything like that kind of product support and customer service on any product before.
    So, maybe you see why i cannot agree that LG are completely crap at quality or customer service ..
    ...just because you had a bad experience, doesnt make it a world wide , unquestionable, universal certainty. !
    And to be clear , i have no affiliation with LG other than i happen to own a couple of their appliances.


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      Probably more to do with liability issues than customer service.

      Life's Good.

      PS The cost of all these recalls and other of their products in the years before I had my washer/dryer issue, is probably why they were of no help in my case. Maybe they ran the numbers on recalls v payout if something serious went wrong and decided to throw the dice.
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