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  • Free energy power boards

    Hey guys,
    Dumb question here which has probably been answered before, but I have a spare one of those free power saving devices which is designed for use on a pc... However as I already have one attached, I am wondering if it is possible to hook this spare one up to my coffee machine / grinder?



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    what sort of board is it, and what are you hoping to achieve with it?


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      I doubt it, unless your machine/grinder are controlled by remote and have a standby mode.


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        I don’t think you can save power with any power board. You can save some power by turning off your coffee machine when you are not using it.

        My Breville Dual Boiler has an inbuilt power saving mode. It enters power save mode if unused for 1 hour and turn off completely after 4 hours.

        With my computer I use an anti-surge board which is supposed to protect my computer from power supply surges or fluctuations.



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          I talked to a couple of electricians - there was a Living Social offer for the power saver powerpoints and I signed up - the local installer talked to me and turns out we could get all 4 of the free ones, but combination of events meant I had to postpone installs twice. Then I spoke to the electrical guys up the pub and they say there are issues with things turning off unexpectedly... e.g. I have 2 desktops that are on all the time, pretty much in standby until we reach across the network for files - according to these guys the powerpoints would be shutting off my PC's after the time out.

          Not sure I want them now...


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            Yeah I am no so interested in the "power saving" aspect more the auto shut off. if it is left on for over an hour... As I have sometimes rush off to Uni forgetting I have the machine on, so I am happy to buy a timer, but just wondering if it is possible.