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  • Smoking Cane Toads

    I heard this story on the week-end and the story-teller swore that it was true. Some years ago he was working in the kitchen of a restaurant up north at a popular coastal retreat. It was late at night with only 2 couples left in the dining room. A few of the kitchen staff went out back for a "smoke". While out there a cane toad happened to jump towards them and one of the guys caught it. He asked the others whether they had seen a cane toad smoke. None of them had so he put a fag in the corner of its mouth and it actually started slowly puffing away! He explained that there was some sort of automatic response that caused the toads to do this.

    After they had recovered from rolling around laughing at the hilarious sight, the guy holding the toad told the others to catch a couple more. These were also given a fag. He then motioned them to bring the toads around to the front of the restaurant and release them near the front window. They all then ran back into the kitchen and peered out into the dining room at the 2 couples sitting near the window. Apparently as the toads hopped into view with the fags hanging from the corners of their mouths, one after the other, the diners put their cutlery down, stopped chewing and just stared out the window without a word exchanged. They couldn't believe what they were seeing and just froze at the sight of 3 smoking toads casually hopping past the window. Needless to say the guys in the kitchen almost split their sides laughing!
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    Makes you wonder if they'd do the same with some illegal Canberra firework imports!


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      Apparently the Cane toads on that part of the coast were in big demand by some of the bead wearing, great unwashed. They used to dry the toad's skin and smoke it to get a high!

      Not sure what the long term effect was but maybe it will solve 2 ecological issues in one hit. Fewer toads and fewer pretend hippies.


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        I'd give it a try


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          Originally posted by ROBPHRASE View Post
          I'd give it a try
          Be careful, you might croak!

          Click image for larger version

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          or instead, buy a re-purposed Cane Toad gift for someone. I especially like the Cane Toad bow-tie.


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            Lol, reminds me of when I was young and we used to shove explosives down their throats. It was highly entertaining at the time. Made a bit of a mess though...

            Not sure how smoking it would go, but I do remember hearing stories of people boiling the skins to make some funky tea. Yuck!


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              The further North you go the more people hate Cane Toads - they have ruined so many beautiful bush waterholes, creeks and rivers where once you would have had a picnic and a swim on a hot day. I have seen a lot of people 'drive' them with golf clubs but some are far too large for that. Cricket bat maybe. You have to be careful however as I once saw a guy in my Karate club hit one with a Nunchuka - it splattered - leaving him looking a bit silly.
              As for smoking the skins - you'd have to be already brain damaged wouldn't you?


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                Oh lord...

                FWIW, the cane toads we love to hate in Australia don't produce 5-MEO DMT; only bufotenine, so good luck trying to get any desirable effects from doing anything weird with them.


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                  I thought you had to lick them... I always figured anyone willing to do that probably didn't need psychedelics anyway.


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                    No doubt one of these bright sparks will eventually find themselves featured here - Darwin Awards. Homo sapiens decline; Neo Sapiens rise! February 2013