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Software, search, technical terms... Help Please.

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  • Software, search, technical terms... Help Please.

    First, I am not a noob at any of this.

    I presume the site software has changed. I have been running searches looking for specific info and keep coming across posts with links such as "" - the link is not live and copy/paste to address bar goes straight to the forum home page. I'm guessing the forums used to be on a phpBB variant.

    I'm looking for info on the 5 cent test - adding "" around it to make it search for the phrase as it is, (rather than 5 OR cent OR test) brings up 65 results. I've been reading through but almost all of them mention the test but tell the poster to go find it. I'm guessing from my reading so far that you pack a basket then stick a 5c piece on it to see how hard it presses against the shower head. What I would like to know is, am I aiming for no impression, the 5 cent depth or somewhere in between?

    Another example is Blonding - I get 20 pages of results but after about 4 pages (I started with the oldest because I figured any explanation would be early on) all I know is people seem confused as to what it is. I'm presuming it ISN'T when the crema starts but instead is when the colour goes and you start getting light brown water. And again, the links are all old ones so far so they are not live and will not copy/paste into the address bar.

    And the FAQ page doesn't seem to be populated.

    Is there a site somewhere that has some basic descriptions of what is meant by such terms? I'm not just relying on people to tell me stuff - I'm heading back to the search tabs to start at the other end of the list. But any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Try here not real difficult to find.


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      The 5c test: The aim is to determine a starting point for dose. This starting point is where the top surface of the tamped coffee sits just under the shower screen (but not touching it) when the pf is inserted into the group. To do it, dose and tamp as usual. Put 5c on top of tamped coffee. Insert into group. Remove from group. A slight impression is ok (ie, coin pushed about 0.5mm or less into the coffee). No impression MIGHT be ok, but could also suggest under-dosing. A deep impression suggests getting close to "over-dosing". Keep in mind, this test just gives you a starting point for dose. The "ideal" dose depends on the machine, the roast, the blend and also on your taste. It is not necessary to get a slight impression of the shower screen on the wet puck, or to have a firm puck that knocks put in one piece, to produce good espresso. Things are just not that clear cut in the world of espresso.

      Blonding is another point that is not as clear cut as some might suggest. Line up 10 coffee experts and ask them to nominate when a shot begins to blond. I guess you can imagine the responses will vary. The best thing to do is get some advice from a barista who makes coffee you really like on how they know when to cut the shot. Next, do some experiments of your own - cut a shot just before, just when and just after you think it blonds and taste. Repeat this four or five times over a few days to see how much effect it has on your drink. If you can't spend some time with a barista, then buy a book like "The professional barista's handbook" by Scott Rao. Its pretty cheap and will get you started.

      As to the search issues here - I'll leave that to others. As to other sites, I have found advice from the regulars on Home Barista to be very helpful, especially that of Jim Schulman.



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        Originally posted by Yelta View Post
        Try here not real difficult to find.
        Yep, could have found it easily if I'd thought to put 'piece' in the phrase. Problem was, all the refs I saw to it called it the '5 cent test' - one called it the '5 cents test' - so that particular thread did not show. Thank you for the link - appreciated.

        @Pete39 - thanks for that. That helps a lot. I'm guessing that the people I saw saying to put the PF on then remove it and see if there was a showerhead impression were talking only about overfilling the basket. Got maintenance to do this arvo but once all back together and cleaned I will try it out.

        The searching isn't really a problem; I was just curious about so many dead links that will not copy into the address bar either and wondered about a forum software changeover being the cause. I had found Home Barista from a link in one of the pages in the 5 cent search - seems a very useful reference.

        Oh... BTW... when I said 'not a noob' I meant to forums etc. I wasn't trying to big note about coffee things...


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          No probs - hope it all makes sense when you try it out.



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            Originally posted by Journeyman View Post
            The searching isn't really a problem; I was just curious about so many dead links that will not copy into the address bar either and wondered about a forum software changeover being the cause.
            Yes, a forum changeover to new software is why the older links are dead. The new software uses a different naming convention.

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