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TV is losing Viewers? I Wonder Why.

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  • TV is losing Viewers? I Wonder Why.

    The introduction of OZTAM ratings which replaced the viewing diaries exposed the fallacy of the old ratings and showed that viewers have deserted the networks.

    Is it any wonder?


    People are creatures of habit. They like stability and predictability in their lives.
    When reading a book, you turn page 15 and fully expect to see page 16 next.

    Not with TV programs. Timeslots chop and change from week to week, shows come and go unannounced.

    Repeats used to be screened after several months. Now, they happen hours later. And after months of endlessly repeating in a loop shows such as Modern family, Big Bang Theory, stations announce with fanfare BRAND NEW EPISODES next week.

    But hang on...the program guide says 7.30 Modern Family, 8 pm Modern family.

    Both new? One a repeat, the other new? But which one?

    After a couple of weeks, the two or three new episodes end, without fanfare, and its back to the endless repeats.


    But what am I saying. A repeat is no longer a repeat. Now it's an "encore". Or, having been shown last night, "by popular demand" it'll be repeated--sorry---encore---tonight.


    Shows used to start on time to the second. Now it's all over the place, one station trying to get the advantage over the other by keeping viewers watching over the hour or half-hour mark at switchover time.

    Well, dear programmers, all you are doing is destroying even more goodwill among viewers.

    "In the sleepy country town...MURDER will happen" says the promo. Shock horror, not...m...m..murder!
    P-lease, Bonanza had a murder a week. So did Columbo. Midsomer murders have several each episode. Trying to sell a show on the basis of a murder being committed is like selling an X-rated pornographic film on the basis of the actress stripping to her underwear.

    PS, that guy doing promos on the 7 Network with that breathless really are most annoying.


    TV news is in a time warp, stuck in the 1980s when the slick 1 minute 30 seconds story was honed to the slick package it became. In newsrooms, the stories are called packages. Nicely boxed, and presented with a ribbon.

    But inside the attractive package you find trinkets. Overnight house fires. Car crashes. Shootings. Every parent's worst nightmare-type beat ups.

    Going LIVE to a reporter on the empty scene at 6 pm when the drama has been over for hours, is still presented as some miracle of communication, like broadcasting from the moon.

    Special investigations exclusive to a station...they are not news, but more like a shallow feature which, not being news, can be promoted on the weekend ahead of its screening next week.

    I really think people do want a window out to beyond their backyard and into the vast world beyond.

    On most stations the news appears to be presented by girls and boys barely out of their teens. They never age...they just quietly disappear to be replaced by the next batch of baby-faced kids.


    In summary, Mr TV Networks, we may be silly to keep watching, especially after spending lots of cash on the new 60 inch screen...but we are not entirely stupid. So stop treating us like idiots...idiots watching the idiot box.

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    Many people now download what they want to watch - sites hold almost every show there is, and you can get the series, all at once and ad-free to watch when YOU want to watch.

    I almost, years back, went with pay TV, but about a month before I committed, as I was working out which deal I wanted, they started running adverts on Pay TV - now I might be a bit sensitive but there is NO WAY I am paying to have someone advertise to me.

    Also, why can't you go to the company and say, I want only these 5 (or 10 or whatever) channels - I do NOT want channels full of crap I don't watch on TV anyway. Instead they sell a 'package' that contains only a couple of the ones I actually want and a heap of ones I will never use.

    I sometimes wonder if the fanatical vigour with which the authorities pursue download sites (such as Demonoid where the US Govt threatened the Ukraine to get them to raid and take the servers the program was hosted on) is NOT about protecting Hollywood so much as making sure we don't have ways around getting our daily 'Consume-at-all-costs' programming. (adverts)


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      Watching what you want off a hard drive or a disc is such a better way to do it. You can watch two episodes tonight, or one in a few days, when you want to watch it.

      If we didn't have kids, I wouldn't have the aerial plugged in at all.


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        TV is losing Viewers? I Wonder Why.

        Stuff I download doesn't bombard me with ads for gambling, that's enough reason for me, although there are a hundred other reason why traditional TV is as dead as large department stores.

        Like department stores it'll still be with us for many years to come, but constantly decreasing in importance to our life.


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          Originally posted by bmawebb View Post
          If we didn't have kids, I wouldn't have the aerial plugged in at all.
          Funny you should mention that. I went to show a friend how I watch TV on my HD computer screen to find that the aerial had been unplugged sometime in the past--by the cats, I presume while playing--and I hadn't even noticed.



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            If you haven't watched TV for a while, then you have a night in front of it, the 'brain dead' dfeeling after a couple of hours is enough to convince you to remove the antenna. :lol: I'd suggest being quick on the draw with the ad-stopper but the program content is almost as bad. At times you wind up wishing there were more ads.

            Another personal dislike is the cost of going to the movies - used to be a good night out but with the squizillions being paid to actors the price of a night out is ridiculous. Why does anyone deserve $20 million to turn up and learn some lines. Half the time they don't even get the body language right for their scene, so you have people declaring their love while shaking their heads, or failing to match posture to mood...

            Drop the wages to $1 million tops and actors would still have a nice rich lifestyle, and tickets to the movies would be maybe $5 and theatres would be packed again as families and couple could afford to go. AND you'd probably make major inroads on the illegal download industry.


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              It does take a bit of searching to find decent entertainment on TV these days. The constant changing of program times as well as the ever increasing number of ads just makes it all the more frustrating. Thankfully DVRs take care of that.

              If you're after a good laugh look up a program called "Horrible Histories". Its meant to be a kids educational program but alot of the humour is directed towards adults. Its been around for a long time and there are quite a few excerpts on YouTube. I think its shown on ABC3 (digital channel 23).
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                I also download most of what i want to watch in terms of TV series. Which leads mw to the reason why i download them... im so sick of watching a series on TV and in an hour long episode they seem to increase the amount of times the go to a add break by 50% in the last 20 mins of the show. if thats their way of getting you to sit on the edge of your seat waiting to know whats happening next i will stick to downloading the series where there is No adds...


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                  I'm just grateful that free-to-air TV still exists and that it is possible to record it.
                  I am very selective in what I watch and will only watch the occasional show in real time.
                  I find Tom Waterhouse the most offensive presence on TV and avoid him and all other gambling enticements as they are a social evil.
                  The ads for MKR (which I don't watch) are equally offensive with obnoxious people making rude statements about other contestants.
                  I find a lot of very interesting documentaries on ABC and SBS with fewer annoying ad breaks.
                  I keep a good book handy and mute the sound and read the book during ad breaks.


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                    I have a Topfield PVR, with intelligent recording through Icetv. It has programmable 'skip' ahead buttons (which I have set to 2 minutes, 30 seconds and 10 seconds). Ads ain't a problem, and I watch only what I want, when I want.


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                      I must agree ABC and SBS still and will always have the best shows, which are mainly interesting documentaries on world issues. As for 10,7 and 9 someone needs to let them know that this reality TV things isn't anything but embarrassing.

                      I have thought and thought about one of those Topfield PVR players, maybe its time to give it ago...


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                        An IceTV account is worth having? I'll check it out - until recently we were with Telstra but we gave that up (and saved $100+ per month on 2 mobiles, Internet and phone) and now we have only EPG. For those thinking of Telstra, don't bother with the T-Box - if you stop using Telstra it becomes a not-very-good PVR with almost no functionality.


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                          What's EPG?


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                            Originally posted by Journeyman View Post
                            An IceTV account is worth having? I'll check it out - until recently we were with Telstra but we gave that up (and saved $100+ per month on 2 mobiles, Internet and phone) and now we have only EPG. For those thinking of Telstra, don't bother with the T-Box - if you stop using Telstra it becomes a not-very-good PVR with almost no functionality.
                            When I bought the Topfield, it came with 12 or 18 months IceTv subscription. After some initial teething problems relating to firmware on the PVR, it works well for me. About $8 a month over a year I believe. Whether people find that worth up to them. Ice are pretty good at updating their EPG (and thus the recording schedule on my PVR) when networks make late changes to scheduled programme times. There are also some free Topfield apps that allow it to use free EPGs in a fairly 'intelligent' sense.....haven't used them myself though. The Topfield is not for everyone (doesn't play all video formats, for example), but if you have a basic competency with computers / networks it can do some pretty cool things.

                            Gingercat, EPG = electronic program guide.


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                              Ok, gotcha but how does that save $100 a month?

                              CafeLotta, there's no doubt that the tv moguls are copying from the USA especially with news and current affairs, here is a parody that cracked me up....