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    What do people think of POD machines? I do not think they deliver anything great.

    If i had to choose between a POD and stove top I would go a Bialetti any day!

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    So if you already have an opinion on pod machines, why post a thread about it?

    FWIW I pulled a shot until it had blonded a fair while (10sec) and then switched another cup underneath - tasted it and realised it was familiar because that's what the shots from the Delonghi Pixie at work taste like.


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      When you say POD....its those nespresso machine right?. I'm using that at the moment ... bought it for $130 (after $60 rebate) for nespresso pixie. Is that cheap?

      They make okay cappuccino ... and don't have to wait 15 minutes to warm up..... thats just about good things about them...


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        Depends on your definition of "ok" I guess...

        If warm-up is the issue, get a decent (or even cheap) thermoblock machine and you'll still be turning out better stuff...


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          I've just bought that nespresso machine in the last 1 month or I'm quite new to pod machines.

          Hehe...okay... maybe I should've said 'drinkable' instead of 'okay' . I have a Giotto Evo too and the shots coming from this is just day and night better than the shots from nespresso... I bought myself empty pods so that I can use my own grounded beans but that don't seems to work or maybe I just haven't found the right amount/grind size/tamping....

          I'm currently in the process of downgrading to nespresso as I'll be moving overseas soon....and I can't bring my giotto with me ...damn it.


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            A 'choice review' on pods. I think the idea was to compare them to 'a Cafe coffee'. What they really have done is compare pods against each other in cost, taste, and recycling/rubbish.

            (there are three pages, bottom right hand corner has a 'next part of article' button.


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              I think the issue with pods is the expense of the consumable pods.

              Certainly they are popular and the coffee is better than the instant coffee I have drunk.

              I would not go back to a pod machine by choice.


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                Well I grade it something like :

                (lower end of quality)

                Inter whaddyacallit roast
                Other freeze dried coffee
                Pod machines
                Supermarket and stale beans
                Fresh beans
                And so it goes on

                Pod machines in the middle