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  • Your Strangest Coffee Experience

    I just had to share this one with everyone.

    Went to the asian grocery store for the weekend dishes and found this packet of Durian coffee sachets in amongst the 3 in 1 instant coffee mixes.
    Thought to myself, I love Durian, and I love coffee, so I'll just what the heck and get a packet as part of the coffee journey experience.

    Just suffice to say I'll tick this one down as the strangest taste of coffee up to date.

    Aromatic notes include 3 day old caramelised onions, rotten egg, custard and the smell of the bin when you open the lid prior to rubbish day.

    Tasting notes. Tastes sweet, not as strong as the aroma suggests upon tasting, typical instant coffee with 100% robusta flavour and typical heavy body given the amount of coffee whitener in there.

    You want extreme, go to a quality asian grocer, ask for durian coffee packets and try it at your own palate risk.

    Most will hate it just for the robusta content and lack of quality coffee flavour. A small percentage ( probably asian) may actually find it OK.

    Feeling fine now after a mac.

    Anyone like to share their own strange coffee experience?
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    Originally posted by sidewayss View Post
    Click image for larger version

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    The combination of durian-breath and coffee breath must be like diving headfirst into an open sewer.


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      The combination of durian-breath and coffee breath must be like diving headfirst into an open sewer.[/QUOTE]

      That would be a good description.

      My golden retriever somehow loves eating durian, but wont go anywhere near the durian coffee.

      She will eat roasting chaff and drink lattes. So I take it the robusta content is the turn off. Dog's a coffeesnob.


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        I think I have had that coffee in a few Cafes I've been to over the years.