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  • Traditional wet shaving

    Hi Guys,

    Thought I start a new thread for a new hobby of mine; traditional wet shaving!

    Started with a Merkur Futur but soon replaced it as was really irritating my skin even on a level 1 setting.

    What did I replace it with, well....a Feather All Stainless! I have fallen in love!

    I have found I was instantly confident with this razor. Yes it is a mild shaver (which is what I wanted), but with correct technique which I am continuing to work on; provides an easy, smooth and irritation free shave

    So if anyone has some tips or tricks etc.

    My current arsenal consists of:

    -Feather Safety Razor Co All Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor
    -Dovo Solingen Silvertip Badger Brush: Matte Chrome
    -Truefitt & Hill Curved Razor & Brush Stand with Bowl
    -Geo. F. Trumper Coconut Oil Shaving Cream Bowl
    -Thayers Peach Witch Hazel Astringent
    -Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil
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    Excuse me for being ignorant, but.

    Doesn't everyone shave like this? What would be the other option?


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      Originally posted by thegoner View Post
      Excuse me for being ignorant, but.

      Doesn't everyone shave like this? What would be the other option?
      Brazilian wax.


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        I was expecting a photo of a cutthroat...

        I make my own shaving oil and use it in addition to foam/gel. Works wonders!


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          I remember coming across a forum discussing shavings.

          Never knew there were so much to discuss about shaving

          But then.... Never knew coffee can be so topical either before I found CS


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            What would be the other option?

            <------ see avatar

            Philips 3 head, cordless, wet and dry thingy for the sides.
            All done in under half a minute in the mornings.


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              lol. What a stir I have caused!

              You must be refering to the Badger and Blade forum.


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                Andy, according to your avatar, it seems the electric shaver doesn't get everything ...

                I totally forgot about electric shavers while reading the original post.

                With regards to the op, I couldn't tell you what brand of shaving brush I use. One was a cheapie, the other was given to me by my father when I started shaving. The latter is still going strong decades later. The cheapie loses bristles left, right, and centre every time it is used..

                Badger hair seems to be a favourite for shaving brushes.

                The usefulness of the length of the bristles depend on whether you are a daily shaver or an every monther or so. The longer bristle brushes are more suited to lathering into a bit of growth; shorter for dailies.

                Anyone still use a cutthroat?


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                  I don't know of anyone outside of a barber, maybe give it a try one day but I believe it's best handled by a barber who can seen all the facets which may be hard? in a mirror.


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                    Just make sure his name is not Sweeney Todd

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Lol your the second person to make that joke in conversations I have had recently!


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                        It's a killer of a joke isn't it


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                          DE shaving rocks! Been on that bandwagon for a few years now. No regrets!

                          I am a Personna Red fan myself coupled with the Merkur 34C (from memory).


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                            Merkur Classic 33c here, and settled on FEather Hi Stainless blades. Sharp as. Also a longer badger hair brush, and some Razorock 88 Eucalyptus soap. All smoothed over with Prorasso Eucalyptus cream.

                            I love doing this shave, but I only get to do it a couple of times a month, times short in the mornings with all the little 'uns. I don't even always get a coffee!


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                              Does nobody else keep their roasting chaff, blend with the scraps of old candles and a bit of harp seal essence, and wax weekly?