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Startrack and Australia Post a warning to Bean Bay Buyers.

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  • Startrack and Australia Post a warning to Bean Bay Buyers.

    Last week I put in an order in the Bean Bay and chose Startrack for delivery.

    Two days later I find a postcard in the letterbox saying I have to collect the parcel from the local post office. This is despite someone being at home all day. There was NO knock at the door or ring on the doorbell.

    Because I was out of town my son went to the post office and queued to collect it. When he eventually got to the counter and showed his driver's license proving he lived at the delivery address and had the same name as me he was told none too politely that I would have to collect in person because that was a new Startrack policy and that the post office would only hold the parcel for five days.

    I spent half an hour trying to get through to the post office only to be told that it " was not policy" to put callers through to individual post shops and that I would have to deal with their customer service division. The customer service division then told me after a considerable wait that I might be able to write a letter authorising my son to pick up the parcel. That was a non starter because he was now back at work and the post office only opens 9-5.

    I will be back in town next week and I will have to make time to go to the post office who will have probably sent the parcel back to sender because it will be past the five day limit.

    Startrack and Australia post are the SAME shoddy bureaucracy bound mob and providing a service to their customers seems to be a huge inconvenience. I am not sure if I will ever see my coffee but I am certain they will never be seeing my custom again if there is any way to avoid it.

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    It is certainly a shame to have a sour taste to an enjoyable online shopping experience.
    Knowing australia post, more than likely your items will still be there for collection as their policy of 5 day period is to get people to collect promptly.
    In my neck of the woods in perth, beans have always been left at the door in our absence by auspost and startrack .
    Your position outside of town, you would think they,d leave them at the door since security of the parcel in rural areas is generally safer than urban areas, plus it would proove inconvenient for both parties for the parcel U turn.


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      When I lived in rural vic, anything star trak, fastaway or the like was sub contracted out to a local delivery driver / business.

      They always refused to even come out to my address and the post office refused to hold it, so they started leaving things with the local retravision which they delivered things to anyway.

      Probably best just to stick with Auspost for delivery in the future, that way you will probably still get carded, but anyone with ID from your address can pick up the parcel for you, pretty easy to fake the authority on the back of the card and once the post office workers know who usually picks things up they generally dont bother asking for ID anyway, well that was my experience.


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        I had a similar situation as FGOB, I was home all day but next afternoon I found the card in the letterbox. Lucky for me the P.O. is not far away, so my experience was not as bad as his.
        When I picked my parcel up from the P.O. the guy behind the counter had a big whinge about the number of Startrack parcels they were getting lately. Sounds like the drivers find it a convenient way to catch up when they get behind schedule.


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          I really think it depends on where you live as to the efficiency of the delivery drivers. I heard early, so was always polite to the driver. Even put in a good half hour listening to the lonely delivery guy. Anyone that upsets him just gets a pre written card in the letterbox. Sometimes it is even worth your while turning up at the post office to ask if they have a parcel. It's worked 2 out of 4 times so far. It's that sort of place.

          The driver can't leave stuff that needs a signature, but maybe come to an arrangement where he can leave anything else on a shelf in the carport or something?


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            Aust Post say they only keep items for a week before sending them back - they actually keep them for two weeks...


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              I found this post and your email at the same time (I'm away at the moment), I'll reply here...

              We ask the following question in BeanBay so that you don't get given Star Track options if the address is not attended all day.

              Is this address always attended during business hours?
              Courier options require a signature on delivery.
              I know you have said someone was there but you are also assuming you know when they came. The card might have been the second delivery or even later the same day... I don't really know. I did notice that you often use the same freight method and I assume all the other deliveries were trouble free?

              We freight 10,000 odd items a year to every corner of the country and nearly all of them are smooth, fast and efficient transactions. If they were all like this particular experience we wouldn't / couldn't exist!

              There are some variables though and they are nearly all "last mile" problems with contractors, casual staff, fill-in drivers etc etc. Star Track has an additional variable since their takeover of Australian Air Express (AAE), parcels swap between services depending on the address... AAE tend to do the small van residential delivery. While I agree that the AustPost staff seem overly officious I expect that might be branch (or even company) rules and can understand why they exist.

              I'm not trying to justify what has happened to you but I think slapping them in public is a little pointless, you really need to voice your concerns at the local end to get anything to change and even then in our fairly vast freight experience it tends to fall on deaf ears. Such is the joy of dealing with humans.

              I would strongly suggest getting courier deliveries sent to work addresses not residential ones, the courier has to deliver during business hours and there is more chance of someone being there to sign for it. We rarely ever hear of a problem to a business address.

              I hope you can sort this out soon and can go back to roasting and enjoying the beans!


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                As Steve82 said, it's easy for your son to fake the authorisation on the card. They're just covering themselves if things go awry.


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                  In my neck of the woods, the people running the Australia Post store and the people delivering the mail are in fact two different entities. Recently we've had endless trouble with mail being delivered in town and it is very disappointing when you consider how awesome the service from the people who own the store side of things always is. Meanwhile, those who deliver the mail are contractors who have been employed elsewhere and don't know our town at all. What can I say, it is business and bureaucracy not making a good mix at all, something we don't have much control over it seems. However, our local Aussie Post shop owners tell us to ring and submit complaints to those who employ the contractors, if only to let them know what is going on and even then we're not sure it makes any difference.


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                    I'd suggest sticking with Auspost when you can: we've had trouble with Startrack & AAE delivering to business addresses, let alone a home address.

                    Our local Auspost driver, on the other hand, is great. I arrived home around 3pm one day to find I'd been carded, only to get a knock at the door at 4pm from driver: "I just noticed your car in the driveway on my way past, so I thought I'd check to see if you were home now." Hooray for saving me a trip to the PO!

                    Some people still care about their work. :-)


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                      Just had a card in the box as well.... I have a ships bell as my doorbell - you can hear it 5 doors down also have 2 large dogs that can wake the dead when anyone comes to the door - every time, before they get to the porch I might add. I was home within earshot all day. It was raining all day and it was a 20kg parcel... However, not an issue. My local post office know me and are only 2-3 mins away so only had to wait a few hours.

                      Contrary to what others say I think that logistics and supply chain management is anything but beaurocratic - in reality it is quite the opposite, Startrack & Auspost included. If only one small part of a supply chain doesn't perform it can make the whole operation look bad (not trying to state the bleeding obvious). Moreover, it is noticed a lot more when the supply link between the end of the chain and the customer is the one that has not performed.

                      If a driver has a big load of deliveries they can only dedicate a short time per customer out of their delivery run, within reason of course, to get through their route and complete all deliveries in a days business. Not saying this is the case or that it is their mode of operations (yes i am making assumptions based on scanty information) but 30 seconds a delivery longer over 100 deliveries is 50 minutes more in their day.

                      Although it would have been nice to hear my very loud ships bell ring or the dogs bark, every now and then this will happen no matter how good the supply chain is - there are just too many variables to make 100% efficiency possible. My beanbay purchase must have been the 1% they missed in their 99% efficiency that rainy day


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                        At Last

                        I have finally collected the package.

                        I spent more than 45 minutes last week on the phone with customer service (sic) at the post office and Startrack and the best way I can summarise the response is "tough luck." They deserve a whack over the ear in every public forum in the land for their incompetence and rude officiousness.

                        I also took the matter up at length with the manager of the Post Office today who showed me a locker full of undelivered Startrack Parcels.She said the contractor who services my area is notorious for carding and not even attempting to deliver and she was sick of copping the abuse.

                        I was at home all day on the day that the card was left. I have a very loud doorbell and I was in a front room with a view of the yard and the gate for almost the entire day working on a writing project. There was NO attempt to deliver the parcel.

                        I have not had a previous problem with Startrack deliveries although I have often had problems with Australia Post who rarely if ever even try to deliver.

                        In the past my coffee sent via Startrack has simply been left by the front door which is in a gated and enclosed yard.

                        I can see no earthly reason why Startrack "policty " dictated that the Post Office would not give the parcel to my son who has the same address and same name except that he told the post officer that he was collecting it for me.

                        I used to have my coffee delivered to work but now that I am retired that is not an option .

                        FGOB stand for Fat Grumpy Old Bast**d and since I ran out of coffee at the weekend I am one Fat VERY Grumpy Old Bast**d today. There's a pound of Sumatra Gunung Bandahara in the Behmor as I write and it may yet dissuade me from loading a few Kilos of prawn heads into a Startrack Express (sic) satchell and posting it to myself.

                        Peter Cave.


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                          Hi Peter,
                          Glad to see someone who will put their name to a post of this nature. Glad you got your greens and hope the caffeine will do the trick

                          Good to see a tale of woe that sort of ends well.
                          Regards, Frank.


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                            It's really down to the contractor delivering (who may range from a top bloke to the biggest cretin on the planet).

                            The company can't do anything about it if they don't know about it so I'd suggest calling Startrack and asking to lodge a complaint with regard to no attempt at delivery. With any luck they can sort it out if there's a pattern of complaints against the same operator; they're paying him after all.


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                              Glad to see you got your delivery finally FGOB!

                              Our local StarTrack drivers know our business location very well, but when I tried to use it Andy suggested I chose another delivery method as our work does not have a street number. It is an estate. Andy kindly refunded my transaction and I chose to use my PO Box instead. Delivery was prompt. Arrived the day after roasting! Thankfully staff at my PO know me quite well, so very few issues with them.

                              Good luck with your future deliveries and may all your beans be a delight to your taste buds!