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  • Scam Alert - the bay

    Just a heads up, people.

    I just received an email in identical format to one that would arrive if I had been sent a message from an EvilBay user, asking me 'how much is postage to VIC 3400'. If you click on the link you are forwarded to a fairly convincing copy of the ebay login page. The only obvious give away is that the URL begins with some Polish domain name (to which is appended a normal looking URL). I would presume the scam allows them access to people's ebay accounts, and who knows what happens after that.

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    Why can't the government have some sort of outfit that monitors this stuff and sends a rocket back up the line that blows up their computer and burns their house to the ground?


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      Rocket fuel is too expensive.


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        Scam alert.
        Some very suspect listings on evilbay over the last week.
        Numerous listings relating to a couple of the most popular of machines, brand new, buy-it-now at way below value. Only one stock photo supplied in each listing. Sold from woop-woop locations by 'sellers' offering free postage and who only join ebay the same day they list (0 feedback). I'm guessing it's all the same rogue.
        Needless to say the listings sell quickly. Imagine the outcomes will be ugly. Don't waste your time.


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          Yeah watch out for delivery or availability date 30 day after listing end, which means item is outside buyer protection program... Buyer beware i suppose