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  • Tea - Lapsang Souchong

    Bit of a longshot, but just in case anyone has any leads...

    My longtime supplier of Lapsang Souchong doesn't have any and doesn't know if they will again..

    I had a bit of a look on the net and a few places have it, but they want to sell it in 100gm packets, I used to get 1kg delivered for about $56, I'd like to find another company that can do the same...

    yours in anticipation...


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    Not sure where you are but a couple of Au sites have 1kg available - one is tealeaves and the other is teaandcoffee.


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      We have Lapsang Souchong tea which we directly import as part of our other business Tea Corporation Australia. Can supply in any size you need.
      Send me a PM or give us a call

      (03) 9530 8992
      Casa Espresso/ Tea Corporation


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        How well do you find it keeps when buying such a large pack?

        I used to drink of lot of it but not so much anymore so just buy smaller packs.

        I've found the quality varies a lot depending on where its from


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          Tea as a rule maintains it flavour and "freshness" for a lot longer then coffee. That said 1kg is a large amount for single use, we would normally supply this size to a café. 250gr would be a good starting size I would think. Our Lapsang is pine smoked for 3 days