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'Tie me bionic kangaroo down, sport'

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  • 'Tie me bionic kangaroo down, sport'

    Full article with video: BBC News - Animal robotics: German scientists make bionic kangaroo

    A team of engineers in Germany has produced a bionic kangaroo, capable of jumping and then recovering its balance.

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    Here in Orstraya we don’t need bionic roos as we have plenty of the real ones hopping about.

    Maybe not many in Syd or Melb, Just go bush and you will see a lot.

    I once had one jump in front of me at night and redesign the front of my car.

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      I was driving home from Coonamble the other day, when a joey decided to see if it could out hop my car. I had slowed down as the joey and its mum took off in two different directions and they're such predictable animals...not!

      Anyway, I was still travelling at 60km/hr and the joey was out in front.

      Needless to say...I won the race.

      (No joey's were harmed, it eventually hopped off into the bush back to its mum.)


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        Next thing...bionic Kangaroo shooters.