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  • Flying off the handle

    As my 'community obligation' in my retirement, I am Hon Secretary for a couple of groups.
    When I went to set out the morning-tea items last week I noticed that the usual coffee mugs at the organisation where the meeting is held, had been replaced with older (and dirtier) examples of the same mug.
    I wasn't very happy but put them out anyway as I had no option.
    One of the Members came out to the kitchen and made themselves a coffee, and the mug promptly dropped off the handle, and he was left standing there with only the handle.
    We had a bit of a laugh about it and both made a cup of coffee (same type of mug) and took them into the meeting.
    They decided to have a publicity photo before we started so everybody headed off to line up and I grabbed my mug for a quick sip before I did likewise.
    The body of the mug dropped right off the handle, hit the toe of my boot and (fortunately) sprayed the contents all over the carpet (instead of my leg)
    In 60 years I have never seen a cup fall off the handle before.
    I felt very lucky I wasn't sitting in which case the hot coffee would have been all over me and the laptop.
    I can only think that the older mugs must have seen a lot of action and the introduction of the hot water was the straw that 'broke the camel's back'.
    Anyone ever seen this happen?

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    Happened to an old Tigers (don't judge) mug of mine back when I used to microwave my plunger coffee that had gone cold. Maybe microwave action does it????


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      Sorry, already judged!
      (I've seen one of those mugs - a bloke at work had one and was continually apologising for it)
      You could be right about the effect of continual irradiation, although I think the organisation uses Zip boilers throughout.
      I'll be hitting them up for a new set of mugs.


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        As well as messy, potentially pretty dangerous. New mugs, definitely.


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          I think you'll find its more a case of the weakest link and the handles are the things that always get knocked about more. So not surprising that eventually, they let go!

          How funny that two did it on the same day though. I would have liked to have seen your expressions as you just held onto a handle!


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            Yeah, Scoota gal , you've nailed it. That was the funniest part. I couldn't help laughing at the look on the other guy's face - it's such a ridiculous looking thing - someone standing there with just the handle held up in front of their face.
            Unfortunately only one person saw what happened to me and she thought I had dropped the whole cup, so nobody got a laugh.