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    Hi everyone, ive just been looking at old posts, and I noticed people posted they have either bought a home made sous vide or made one them self, as I am not electrical inclined I was wondering if anyone knows someone that sells any cheap, as I dont really want to spend 200 plus on a proper sous vide just yet.

    thank you

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    Brevilles is on special for $199 at present I think


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      The guy on Seattle Food Geek who blogged very early on building your on sous vide now has a successful kickstarter project funded called Sansaire. Had a goal of raising 100k and currently has over 800k funding!


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        I own a few sous vide devices and my favourite is the Anova. It's about $280 or so landed from the US (they do a 220v version with an Aussie plug) and it maintains excellent accuracy, within 0.2 degrees of the target.

        The revile is a lower cost introduction to sous vide, but without some way of circulating the water, you're going to get mixed results.


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          Thanks for all the replies, I ended up buying 2 from anovas kickstarter campaign for $269


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            yup was just about to post that anova have the new version on kickstarter at the moment
            was lucky enough to snag one of the foundation level ones!


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              I'm now on the kickstarter project as well. Looking forward to getting the Anova and have lots to do with it when it arrives. You can get on there to get one for $159 with free worldwide shipping as of now - not sure how long that reward will last.

              Everything else I saw for sous vide started around $600 for something that looks like a baking dish - the Anova just clips onto whatever size pot you want to use. Plus you can look up temp/time on your phone and it will program the Anova for you. Bit of a gimmick but if they do the app right could be very handy.


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                keep monitoring it journeyman
                people switch rewards quite often so you may be able to snag a lower priced reward level!

                you can also use it without the app based on feedback from anova so the app is more a companion in that sense


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                  Seems they are on a good thing - they set out for $100,000 and have $1.5million at present. I've got an email says they have a secondary target of 1.77million - haven't looked yet to see what that means.

                  But for anyone interested in sous vide, I'd say this is definitely something to go for.


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                    I recently purchased a Breville Sous Vide Supreme....And updated my old vacuum sealer, both on a super duper special.

                    Having a ball

                    So far I have cooked

                    Marinated chicken 1/2s
                    Lamb shanks
                    Rump steak
                    and Hens eggs...

                    The flavour and juiciness of the food cooked is excellent, even when you cook the rump steak to well done not medium rare like we like it

                    I love the way you can just place eggs into the machine at a predefined temperature 40 mins later you have an egg cooked really nicely...

                    I'm looking at doing corned beef soon...

                    Learning new tricks all the time as we go...

                    I can see it will get a lot of use over winter, whether or not it gets a lot of use over summer remains to be seen...



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                      Try cooking fish... of all the meats I think that fish sees the very greatest benefit.


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                        Originally posted by kwantfm View Post
                        Try cooking fish... of all the meats I think that fish sees the very greatest benefit.
                        And it cooks in the shortest time, typically only 30 mins or so for a fillet of salmon, so requires very little planning.

                        When cooking fish I don't use my vacuum machine as that can be too harsh on the fish, instead I just seal in a snap lock bag. You can get vacuum sealers with adjustable levels of suction, but I think they're seriously expensive.


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                          Fish is by far my favourite thing to cook in my immersion circulator.

                          I have had a cheapo MAXKON food saver for about 5 years, still going strong. The beauty of it is that it has a separate button for sealing, so you can choose when to make the seal.


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                            Went all out and fancy tonight... Cooked Prawns, Salmon, Garlic potatoes, honey carrots and broccoli all in one sitting in the sous vide...A few things need adjusting but even so the meal was beautiful...So juicy and flavoursome...

                            The salmon was browned off with a cooks blow torch and the potatoes were browned off in a very hot oven set at 250C for 5 mins...


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                              What temp did you cook the salmon at?