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In the Philippines with Michaelangelo

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  • In the Philippines with Michaelangelo

    Hi Guys! My name is Mark and I'm a boat builder to trade. As you well know the bottom fell out of everything back in Europe so my wife and I relocated to Asia to finish the boat building project I have there. Before we left we ran the local Boat Club for the summer, I restored an old defunct Espresso machine to use, binned the instant, and sold Bewley's Best. It was an instant success! People came from far and wide to have some decent Barista style coffee and we made a tidy profit prior to emigrating. However on my arrival in the Philippines good coffee was hard to find. Most of the locals are into that well marketed 3in1 crap. The local green coffee beans I'd seen drying on the roadsides of Tagatay were for export or a select few supermarkets. Besides I had not the means or equipment for processing it if I bought it direct from the farmer. How I missed the good stuff we could get at home! About a month in to me getting here I was working on my own boat and minding my own business and I was approached by the yard manager. Apparently the M/V Hans Christen Andersen was in for a refit and they were under pressure, he asked if I would consider giving them a hand. I agreed, and went over to have a look what was going on. On one side was all the equipment the were prepping to install on the other was all the "Junk" they had stripped out, amongst that was an EMC Michelangelo 2GR. Immediately I asked what was going to be done with it. They didn't know, in fact they didn't know what it was. I was introduced to the Project Manager and expressed my interest, she said she'll get back to me with a price. After many late nights of fabricating the team met the departure date. Before they set sail I again approached the Project Manager about the Michelangelo and she simply said that as a reward for my assistance I could take it! I'm delighted! I'm now the proud owner of a EMC Michelangelo 2GR restoration project! The only question is what to do with it when it is finished? My own boat is 12v and no end of transformers or frequency converters is going to run it! Besides it's for commercial use, so do I set up a coffee stand or sell it? Any Ideas?

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    There are many good coffee shops in Metro Manila area. There is even a Toby's Estate in Makati City. BTW, I am sure you meant ECM Michelangelo.


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      Yeah you're right, sorry, still taking typing lessons! I'm quiet some distance from Manila, I'd say I get there about once every 6 months or so, I'll check out Toby's Estate the next time I'm there! Many thanks!


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        There's a CS thread here on restoration of the ECM Michelangelo that might be useful


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          Freshly roasted arabica coffee beans can be ordered online and delivered to you the next day. Check out


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            Welcome Mark.
            What an interesting story.
            Look forward to hearing more about your exploits.


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              Mark - I am guessing you are in Bauan, Batangas. If ever you feel like driving up to Tagaytay, drop by Bag of Beans. Good luck on the restoration.