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  • Hello and thank you

    Firstly, thank you to everyone here for sharing their caffeinated knowledge, there seems to be so much of it here!
    I started taking a real interest in espresso a few months back after I started to take some real notice in the shots I was pulling at work on a 3 group La Marzocco Linea Classic. This led me to upgrade my stove top to a Rok Presso & Kyocera CM-50 hand grinder at home. Then came the Compak K3 push. Yesterday a Rossa HC came in the mail and today I got to take it for a drive... Wow! I'm super impressed just after 3 extractions. I do want to get some sleep tonight! I've done about a half a dozen skillet roasts with drinkable results. All having their own unique taste and grinding requirements (same beans), which I've liked as it's shown me how it is possible to get different tastes from the same beans. There's just not much control over it! Or is that my lack of skill? Probably more the latter but I'm enjoying it all the same. There is a Corretto in the making out in the shed too. Looks like there will be another skillet roast at least before the Corretto is up and going.

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    Settle your horses sir,

    First you need training on Grind, Dose and Tamp (GDT)


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      Rule number 1, Roasting needs temps of 400-500F

      Rule 2, Uses your senses (Sight,Sound,Smell) to get better at determining roast levels

      Rule 3, Soon if you want, you need knowledge on Mailard Reaction.

      Rule 4, Record and log your batch size, First Crack start/end times,Second crack start/end times,Temperatures at each crack.

      Rule 5, Cool the beans, IMMEDIATELY AFTER ROASTING!!!!!, Since beans are Endothermic (absorb heat) from the start and Exothermic at the end, Even after roasting it will retain heat, To prevent over-roasting

      Good luck at roasting


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        Well, Polish your espresso skills up too while you're at it.
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