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iOS 8 Wave an Apple exclusive.

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  • iOS 8 Wave an Apple exclusive.

    Hard to believe anyone could be gullible enough to fall for this Apple's iOS 8 users fall victim to 4-chan microwave hoax

    Don't leave it in the microwave for more than 300 seconds though owners are also able to customise their phone with the exclusive "bend" feature.

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    .... it's been around for years, this time recycled by jealous android trolls no doubt!! :-D :-D :-D


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      Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
      .... it's been around for years, this time recycled by jealous android trolls no doubt!! :-D :-D :-D
      Jealous of what exactly? Anything an iphone can do is already doable on Android and usually better and more affordably as well.


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        Originally posted by Vinitasse View Post
        Jealous of what exactly?
        :-D God only knows, Vinitasse!! ;-)


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          iPHONE ANDROID! I know nothing about this new fangled stuff, my wife's the phone guru in this household, every time I answer here Samsung thingo I f**k something up, take a photo of the inside of her bag, close the screen, minimise/maximise sumting, the possibilities are endless, nowadays I give it a wide berth.

          I still use an old Nokia flip, works for me, makes and receives calls, fits comfortably in my sky rocket and don't bend, not sure if it's microwave chargable, never tried it.
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            phones are less and less actual phones now.... more and more they are mobile data

            collecting and spying devices. Facebook can actually turn on your phone and camera remotely???!!!! What the???

            I'm sure you're in the majority, Yelta .... for the moment anyway..... it's a phone and I just want to make calls!!

            And do texts, oh and check my emails, um... and take my pulse, do a selfie and tell me how many hours I've been asleep and check out

            what the Jones's are doing and how I can stay one step ahead.... and I need to bid on that lever coffee machine. ;-)


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              Microwave charging worked for my friends new iphone 6 but he only tried it once he had customised it with the addition of the newly released bend function.

              I think the microwave charging update was leaked before the bend update was officially released. This is the only reason that it works successfully now when the phone is bent.

              They need to remove the hoax stories, update the information stating that the bend upgrade must be installed first before trying microwave charging and then I think everything will be ok.


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                Call me old school, however I expect a phone to ... actually make and receive phone calls in bad reception areas.

                FYI, the iPhone reception and transmission are both lousy, a real issue when you are off the beaten track.

                Two long time friends still in active IT use an old Nokia for phone calls and an iPhone for internet. Personally, I would use a decent portable for the internet and my current old "non-flip" (ie even less to go wrong) Nokia for what it does best: work when no other mobiles do.

                Side thought: Shouldn't Elop be done for fraud for deliberately sinking Nokia by insisting on "windows phones" (sorry 'bout oxymoron) to the point that Microsoft now own Nokia and are paying him well for his "work"? Or am I the only one saddened by such obvious duplicity?



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                  Yep, my old Nokia has 3 apps on it. 1) Talkie Talkie which allows you to converse with other people who use phones 2) WotTime? - A clock and 3) NoMoreErr7 - your Behmor is about to enter safety cool down mode.