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Daylight Saving South Australia, a cynical view.

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  • Daylight Saving South Australia, a cynical view.

    Safework SA has advised that "South Australians should move their clocks forward one hour from 2am to 3am on Sunday, 5 October 2014."

    Does this mean we all have to set an alarm for 2am Sunday morning to carry out this all important task

    Wonder what will happen if some of us choose to take the lazy option and leave the job until we wake up Sunday morning, or, heaven forbid we do it before going to bed Saturday night? Perhaps a visit from the time police.

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    You don't understand. When they say move forward they mean relocate in the direction they are facing. After one hour they have reached their new location for the duration.


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      Look, if you're not so jacked up on espresso that you're still awake at that hour I just don't know what to say