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Implementation of a social thread?

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  • Implementation of a social thread?

    On some other forums I'm on, in the off-topic section there is a social thread which is basically just for people to post things and have conversations. Means there doesn't need to be threads started for little topics that someone might find interesting if everyone gets involved in the social thread.

    Basic rues such as no porn, no swearing, no personal attacks can be implemented but other than that it's just a place to have a chat.

    Would this be feasible on this forum? Would people be interested?

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    That's exactly where you are Noidle Off Topic.

    If your talking about a live chat thread I would strongly resist it, live chat was introduced in another forum I used to frequent, overnight it was transformed from a source of useful information to a chat site offering a constant stream if meaningless drivel, the actual forum side of things has virtually ceased.


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      That's the point, it's just somewhere to post interesting things unrelated, or related to, coffee. Life things, stories, interesting ideas and concepts, you name it.

      I think this forum would like to remain as on topic as possible though so something like this wouldn't work if people don't want to contribute to it. It's an idea though and we'll see if anyone else is keen.

      On a forum I'm part of currently, their social thread is going strong and is a fun place to learn things about other peoples views, way of life, interests and to have some good conversation.


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        I'm still not sure whether your looking at live chat or something else? if is live chat your talking about as I said, in my opinion its a forum killer.

        You say "it's just somewhere to post interesting things unrelated, or related to, coffee. "what's wrong with the area we're in at the moment Off topic?
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          Live chat? God no...


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            Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
            Live chat? God no...
            I like a man who gets right to the point.


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              Fair enough, i can see that the concept is a little too hard to grasp.

              There's nothing "wrong" with the off topic forum but there's no place for banter or a bit of a laugh. I suppose it speaks volumes when you can't write l-o-l here without it automatically changing to "i had a laugh". What is up with that anyway.


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                I'm a member but not a poster of another forum which has live drivel.

                It lowers the tone of the website as a whole; it'd be better off without exposing other/new members

                to 'too much information'. Crikey, you even get to know about people's sleeping habits!! :-( , nor

                for instance; do I have any wish to partake ( or read ) in a live chat session about which firearm is best suited for shooting dogs .......

                at any time, let alone when I'm on a coffee forum.

                I can't remember the last time I saw anything vaguely related to coffee being discussed....

                Off topic is good.


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                  The social thread I'm a part of on another forum must be the exception to other people's bad experiences i think, oh well.


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                    I've also noticed that while a live chat style forum is optional, it seems to become the major option for those that would normally keep the other threads interesting and with added value, resulting in a very less interesting forum overall. Also because the chat is temporary, anything interesting via the chat gets lost amongst what has been described as "drivel" below. You therefore cant go back and read it when you have more time or opportunity. So I would agree that the current CS format appears to be more effective & interesting. I also noticed that sometimes good protocol regarding language, sexism etc.., were not always followed.

                    Just my observations.



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                      I stopped frequenting another forum due to the little clique dominating the chat forum, I felt as though I was intruding if commenting on any of the discussions--keep CS as is, if it ain't broke don't fix it!!!!


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                        My thoughts
                        Live chats are good if you have a friendship type thing going on... It's like chewin the fat with a few mates on your back deck but probably best suited to sites with fewer members than what CS has.

                        I'm not a big poster by nature and especially don't use live chats much.... But then again I don't have facebook and still don't get the whole idea of announcing ones status....

                        Keep CS as it is...let's be really really honest, with some of the big personalities on here too who like to take things right off topic....can you imagine?

                        I wouldn't use it here either

                        Anyway, I'm just jumping into the shower


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                          I could be wrong but I don't think Noidle is talking about a live chat option - he specifically says thread... AFAIK live chat opens a single window which people use to converse in real time. Seems to me Noidle's idea could be as simple as a thread where moderation for off subject is not required. (even in Off Topic posts, we are not supposed to introduce irrelevant-to-the-OT subjects)

                          Members could then come & go in the thread as they wished and converse 'live' if others happen to be there.

                          Maybe just a thread named 'Over a coffee' or similar to indicate the equivalence to sitting around a table having a general convo?
                          Originally posted by Seeya_Latte View Post
                          Anyway, I'm just jumping into the shower
                          Really? Is there a specific reason for jumping or are you just happy to be in the shower?


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                            No thanks. Greenman hit the nail on the head for me. Members can already communicate within threads and via PM, email or even a phone call if it suits.

                            We don't need the back-stabbing, racism, sexism and dog shooting tips of any chat style interface. There are other pre-existing forums for that!

                            If a member wishes to create an OT thread, it will sink or swim dependent on level of interest.


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                              Another forum I belong to introduced an unmoderated area along similar lines a few months back called (Debate and Discussion) up to the point of introduction everyone was very friendly and helpful, now the sons of guns are fighting like cat and dog, to the point that I no longer post there.

                              No rules i.e. unmoderated forums/chat are a sure fire recipe for anarchy.

                              Noidle22 remarked "i can see that the concept is a little too hard to grasp." in reply I say, not in the least, I understand full well what you are suggesting, I suspect your the one with a lack of understanding of the pitfalls involved.