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Grinder and machine for compact mobile van

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  • Grinder and machine for compact mobile van

    Hi all.
    I have been reading threads on here for quite a while now and have finally created my own account!!
    Has anyone got any advice on what machine and grinder would be suitable for a compact mobile coffee van?
    Also for people that have started their own van ( not franchise) how did you start a daily run? I am not too sure where to start with all this so any advice would be greatly appreciated😊

    Thanks guys

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    Welcome to CS.

    I think your question about the equipment is not going to get appropriate answers here. You need to talk to your local equipment suppliers. They are professionals in their businesses and can advise accordingly on "what machine and grinder" and whatever they have available, that you may wish to consider, especially as that also means "...what equipment can I get serviced readily - by you - in my area....". You need service backup when running a business, so no point buying a machine someone says is great, from 500 miles away if there is no local service agent... Also please dont buy old rubbish because it's priced "nicely". You are in business, you need good, reliable late model need to be extremely lucky to happen upon "good reliable obsolete worn out cheap" equipment that will work out well for you.

    For the rest of it, my son did a lot of canvassing of businesses and industry in his area to set up a weekday run, looked up markets and booked himself in where he could (lot of competition already there), and went to local sporting events on weekends. The weekend runs were good as parents got used to him coming around about the same time each weekend while their kids were on the fields.

    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks so much for your advice. I will look in to local equipment suppliers right now


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        Welcome to CS salty,

        Where are you situated? Have you purchased a 'van' yet? TOK is right about the machine advice and if you have been following CS

        for sometime you will be aware of similar questions and the discussion about amps, boiler size, temp stability/recovery, generators and servicing a queue

        of impatient people. ;-). A search through thread history will give you some reading material.

        I have a small number of clients who purchased 'blind' off the bay and are 'paying' for it .... scarcity/remoteness of parts being not the least of their issues.

        There are two coffee 'vans' down my way that manage to get in where others don't.... they have restored classic type vehicles and get gigs where

        their shopfront opens doors. I used to drive past a house for sale that had a shed done up like an old fire station, it was for sale and out

        on the road , for sale, was a 1950's restored fire engine, what a beauty! What an awesome coffee cart it would have made!!

        You will have to see your council anyway re health regs etc so asking the people in charge of roadside trading

        can be done at the same time; if you want a regular gig for commuters.

        Having something unique about your setup may help in your competitive market but a reputation for solid, reliable service of good coffee will do more.


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          I think you have a lot of research to do, both in Equipment selection , business planning , and market research.
          One clever idea i noticed recently around Sydney , was a mobile coffee van that parked outside "Open House" inspections, and Auctions moving around from house to house using the online information of open house/Auction times to decide where to be and when !
          I works in a city where the OH's are usually on the same days and timed in sequence to suit both Agents and buyers.


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            Thanks guys.
            I sure do have a lot more research to do. I have found a local supplier of equipment that sound pretty good and reasonably priced.
            I have not purchased a van yet but am going to look at one on the weekend. I live in the Albury/Wodonga area and that is where i am looking to open. I have also contacted the local council who promptly responded to my email much to my surprise!!
            The old fire engine sounds FAB!! i am assuming it may guzzle fuel tho, i live 30 min drive from the town so i think my fuel bill would add up quite rapidly.
            I am just really not sure how to start looking for a regular run, I would like to know the approx amount of customers per day before i purchased the van but how can you do that? I can hardly call and say im thinking about doing it and if i did would there be customers? Can i?? i was kinda of thinking i would already need it set up??
            I am also going to see the Business enterprise center to get some business planning advice
            ANY advice appreciated
            Thanks again


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              Somewhat ironically we have this morning come into possession of a 3 group PID multiboiler Expobar Ruggero repossessed from a cafe that never really had a hope of doing well. One of those "I drink coffee so I know everything required to successfully start and run my own business" scenarios. So, it's one of those which has done little work and will scrub up really well at substantial discount off retail. Not much good for a van though due to size and 20A requirement.
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                Salty, have you spoken with or visited Wagga Catering? They are good people.


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                  I wouldn't recommend doing it in a car...

                  if you get some loyal customers... it will be hard for them to find you....

                  But atleast you wouldnt need to pay for getting a shoplot.....

                  And you could relocate your business on the fly... if your current location doesnt work...


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                    Originally posted by TheLudicrousBean View Post
                    I wouldn't recommend doing it in a car...
                    I've seen pics of a Linea set up on the back of a Moke........


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                      Originally posted by MorganGT View Post
                      I've seen pics of a Linea set up on the back of a Moke........
                      Looks like a positive go-ahead sign..


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                        Take a look