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  • Graduate Engineer looking for work......

    Hello All

    A few of you on here may know me, I have been a member for a while now. I am graduating from RMIT this year after studying Civil/Infrastructure Engineering (with honours) for four long years. I am a mature age student, with a work history that includes 2 years of construction site supervision (in Canada) and 8 years as a field diesel technician, mostly repairing construction machinery. I will be graduating with an impeccable academic record (current GPA 3.9 out 4.0) and academic awards from RMIT.

    While in Canada, which started as a ski holiday, I found myself working construction, initially as a general labourer but as my knowledge and skills progressed I was quickly given more responsibilities. I was eventually in the position of Assistant Site supervisor, which I adored, and don't think I had ever been as happy in a job as I was there. After my project (it was called the Yaletown development in Kelwona) ended I was meant to go on to be a Site Supervisor on a Spanish vila style project on the shore of the Okanogan lake. Unfortunately the GFC hit and the project was scrapped due to lack of investors. I finished my project and the company I was working for didn't have any more work for me. As I was being sponsored by them I couldn't even try to find similar work.

    Upon returning to Australia I spent a while in the diesel industry once again before deciding I wanted to head back into the world of construction and project management. After much deliberation I decided to study civil engineering, as I thought this would give me a superior understanding of all facets of construction, including design, planning as well as project management. I have found my passions within the engineering field tend toward geotechnical engineering, closely followed by project management and water engineering.

    My dream work would be tunnelling, as I see this as being at the forefront of engineering innovation, but realistically I would be happy with anything in the fields mentioned above.

    So if there is anyone out there looking for a graduate engineer who is as particular about his own performance as he is about his coffee then look no further (and those who know me know how much of a perfectionist I am). I am situated in Victoria but would be happy to relocate for the right job. If there is any interest please message me and I can forward on my resume, references and anything else you might require.

    To those of you who took the time to read, thankyou and happy brewing