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PayPal - problem... double payments.

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  • PayPal - problem... double payments.

    We had 2 CS'rs (so far) with this problem.

    Last week they took double payments on some orders and then passed one to us, they kept the second one!

    Worth checking your online PayPal statement for any orders in the last week to ensure you didn't get diddled.

    If you have then I suggest ringing them on the below number instead of using the online form as there is no way of reporting this online (not an expected problem).

    Here is what they sent me today:
    (pity Libby Roy didn't give me her mobile number to post here too)


    We’re sorry some of your customers have been impacted.

    Dear Andy,

    You may have heard that some of our PayPal customers in Australia were charged twice for a single purchase through their PayPal account. Some of your customers were impacted by this issue.
    We understand this may have caused you and your customers some inconvenience or difficulties and we would like to apologise.
    The issue has been resolved and yesterday we processed refunds to all customers who were impacted. It is common practice for banking institutions to apply this to individual accounts within 24 hours and the majority of people will have received the reimbursement into their bank account today.
    We contacted all impacted customers today to let them know of this process but if you receive any queries from your customers about their refund, please let them know they can call us on 1800 073 263 or use the contact link on any page. We’re aware that some customers experienced extended delays when trying to call, but these delays are now under control and we’re here to help.
    Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience or difficulties this has caused you and your customers.
    Libby Roy
    Managing Director
    PayPal Australia