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Self propelled lawn mower from Aldi

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  • Self propelled lawn mower from Aldi

    From Saturday 8th August, Aldi have a "Gardenline" brand self propelled, mulching mower with a Briggs & Stratton 190cc 4 stroke engine on sale.
    In the catalogue, it lists just some basic specs but does not mention the cutting width. I suspect from the engine size it is at least 19".
    The 675EX engine seems to be a common one used in other mowers so I'm not too worried about the engine but am not sure on the rest of the mower.
    Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with these mowers?

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    A friend bought an Aldi self propelled mower about two years ago and the self drive failed not long after the warranty expired.
    A local mower repairer could not get any parts or do anything with the drive mechanism as it was mostly plastic.
    Yep, motor is good. Starting not a problem, but it was purchased for the "self drive" concept for her sloping block, so she's not a happy chappie!


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      Have not had any experience with this brand but I have used domestic rotary mowers with Briggs engines, these machines are built to a price and are fine for light domestic duties but a bit of hard work and they soon begin to lost power and don't have longevity on their side. For the occasional mowing of small areas they are fine but as a work horse forget it. I have 25 years experience in the lawn and garden maintenance industry. Probably 18".


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        Thanks guys, I think I will give it a miss, seems to good of a deal.


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          I bought one last year and it's been going well.
          At my age now I like the self propelling feature.
          Level block.
          Average size front yard and smallish back yard.


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            Over 11 months on and still no problems.