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    An interesting engine concept

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    Interesting , but the principal of "waffle plate" drive pistons is not new.
    personally, I don't like the idea of all those pistons and con rods etc rotating around the main shaft !
    That is a huge amount of rotating mass.
    and the hinge bearing on the piston carrier looks to be a complex, heavily loaded, assembly.
    the Wankle is a much simpler , elegant, lightweight compact, design with only 3 moving parts......but horribly inefficient.
    its a waste of time , money, and resources, developing any new IC engine....
    ...The future is Electric drive !


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      Originally posted by blend52 View Post
      ...The future is Electric drive !
      That was my thought too. IC is so 20thC
      It is less fuel efficient than the Nissan VQ engine according to
      Advanced Engine Development, Low Vibration, Multi-Fuel
      but it can also use multiple fuels: gasoline, Methane, LPG, Hydrogen, Ethanol, Methanol, for the spark ignition version or Diesel, Dimethyl ether (DME), bio-diesel, vegetable and animal oils, Kerosene for the compression ignition version.


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        I thought most piston ICE's could be adapted to run on any of those fuels also !
        ( wasn't there a Toyota ute in the last "green car run" from Darwin to Adelaide , running on a mixture of salt water and sump oil ! )


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          Yep, Duke (Axial) Engines are an old but proven design....

          By the way, not a 'Waffle Plate' but a 'Swash Plate'...