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Meat mincer recommendation?

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  • Meat mincer recommendation?

    Hi all, does anyone have much to say on the topic of domestic meat mincers?
    I make sausages every now and then and trying to use the attachment for my kitchenaid just isn't worth it. You need you cut the meat very small and the lack of reverse means it constantly needs dismantling when clogged with sinew or fat. Freezing the fat helps but isn't really practical in my situation.
    Looking at options I see plenty sub $100 no name machines on ebay or the circa 200 machines by the likes of kenwood or breville etc. There are also the proper ones like tre spade but they're more like $500
    I would probably be doing in the order of 10kg batches so chasing recommendations. I'm leaning towards the kenwood style at this stage.
    I have a separate stuffer.
    Any thoughts on whether the kenwood etc will handle this kind of volume?

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    G'day J & C...

    I reckon it's hard to go past a Kenwood unit...
    Meat Grinder | Kenwood Australia

    Their top unit is capable of grinding 3.0Kg/Min. Would have thought that that is pretty decent.



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      Might even be able to double as a deli coffee grinder

      ...and if one of the top third wave coffee celebrities should choose to endorse it you'll soon see it replacing all those EK43s out there


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        There has to be a market for coffee sausages. Will check on kick starter. They seem to be at the forefront of all things coffee...
        Jokes aside will probably go the low range kenwood. Even 1.5 kg a minute sounds enough. Prepping the meat will take longer than that!