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    Heya, I'm interested in hearing people's views on the leafy north shore suburbs of Sydney (roseville, etc) vs the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane (Brookfield, etc). We're thinking of making a move north. Not sure exactly what I want to know - just how life differs I guess...
    Even to hear from anyone who has made the move from NSW to QLD - was it a good decision?

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    Hi catch-22,

    I live in Brisbane & have not lived down south, but Brookfield is a nice area, although a bit out of the way. It depends where you would work I guess and what main roads you would need to use. The motorway is not far and the newly completed tunnel has steered a lot of traffic away from the two man arterial roads to the city.
    I live in Paddington (just outside the city) and while it's classed as 'leafy' I still would say it's not leafy enough. The neighbouring suburb of Bardon is much leafier and you do feel like you're outside of the city when in fact you are pretty much at the door step.

    Perhaps someone else who has moved might be able to help you out more with how life differs


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      I made the move about 4 years ago...traffic is definitely lighter than Sydney, on the whole. Brookfield is quite leafy, and you definitely get more wildlife around. All I can say is make sure you factor in air conditioning to the equation!


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        Originally posted by jamesjames View Post
        All I can say is make sure you factor in air conditioning to the equation!
        Oh yes, I'm dreading summer already and the power bill that comes with it.


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          Good replies....thanks....keep em coming if you have them..