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Why are my pictures sideways?

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  • Why are my pictures sideways?

    There are few things more annoying than posted pictures that are sideways. With the now ubiquitous use of smartphones this is fast becoming a widespread problem. When a picture is taken with a smartphone it is typically saved in the age old standard of the longest dimension being horizontal. When you view it on the phone you simply turn the phone and hold it vertical. So easy and simple most people don't even realize they're doing it. It's not quite so easy to flip a monitor sideways.

    So, to help prevent twisted necks please use a photo editing program to rotate your pictures so they display in the proper orientation, then post them.

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    Edited in later

    Different cameras/phones store pictures they've taken differently. In the exif data the width and height specs are given. The forum software orients the image according to that data. Most newer cameras/phones will correctly state the dimensions of an image based on the orientation of the camera/phone when the picture was taken. Some however state the largest dimension of the image as it's width regardless of how the camera/phone was oriented when the picture was taken and add a portrait/landscape exif tag. In those cases the image will display as sideways when uploaded.

    If your camera/phone does this to have your pictures displayed properly take the picture oriented so width is greater than height or use any of the vast number of picture editing programs/apps out there to rotate the image prior to uploading.
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    The problem is exacerbated by the fact that computers (Macs at least) resolve this problem automatically when displayed in your operating system - they orient the image in portrait for you, so you're not even aware you're posting a sideways image until it hits the WYSIWYG editor. If you then go to edit the image (which I had to do just a bit ago) you're turning it sideways first, then you need to turn it back again to portrait, and _then_ you upload it.


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      It pulls data from the sensor in the camera which gets it wrong, or not sometimes


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        Here's a more detailed explanation I found recently that might be helpful to some...
        Why Your Photos Don’t Always Appear Correctly Rotated

        Thought it was pertinent given that we seem to suffering from a plethora of rotated photos in posts lately...

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          I found that if I just edit the photo, apply a crop without actually cropping anything, and then save it the photo displays the right way on CS. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 10.1 tablet.


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            *grave dig for lulz*

            While we're at it - can we teach people to take videos in landscape, not portrait?



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              Interesting, when you try to flag that post it isn't allowed, the message 'invalid node id specified'

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                Because between the time you read the post and tried to flag it it had been deleted.

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