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  • Help posting an ad...

    Hi All, Not sure where to go for this advice but I'm unable to see the post new thread button in marketplace, anyone know why? Have met all requirements for selling as far as I can see...

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    If you go into the "coffee hardware for sale" section there are post new thread buttons on the left side - top and bottom.


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      5 posts needed


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        I'm on 5 still no go. Going for 10 :/


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          As soon as I had two notifications from you trimmings I knew it was a new person wanting to sell something... Wait for the server to refresh and then it'll have registered your posts.


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            I think we need to up the required post count to stop people joining just to sell stuff.

            At the moment I think it's too low because it encourages people to post without truly contributing to the community.

            If the required post count was higher it would discourage a few more of those people from bothering.

            (The OP hasn't posted again for 2 months now.)


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              G'day TG and Happy New Year.

              I think that there is always going to be a cohort who become members to take rather than give. Double the post count and they will likely contribute twice as many junk posts to get what they want.

              Unless the mod team were to actively remove offending posts, I can't really imagine much would change. With Andy crazy busy and Javaphile being the primary (only?) active mod for the forum, that sounds like one hell of a lot of work to me.

              Perhaps the go is for members to report rubbish posts when they see them. This may better alert mods to non contributing members.




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                Ditto from me TG....

                Happy New Year to you and your family mate....