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  • iPhone uploading

    Hey All,

    so I tried to send a photo of my naked PF home job via PM and got different options to what are available in the general forum.

    is there a way to pm photos from iPhone?

    p.s. See below my crude conversion
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    If you're using Tapatalk you can tap the menu button (three dots in a vertical line, top right) and select "insert photo" when composing... if you're on the website, dunno! Maybe use an image hosting service like imgur and add bbcode.

    Naked job looks good! [emoji106]


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      Works a treat too, I actually think it makes a difference in the taste.
      Trying to get a good slowmo action shot now!!

      Matt you lost me at "imgur"!!!


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        I've always thought it makes a pretty noticeable difference... next upgrade for the ECM for sure!

        Haha, ok... go to, ignore the "get the app" spam, find and upload your photo then change the dropdown to "BBCODE", copy and paste from the text field and Bob's yer whatsit!