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Invalid url msg when uploading pics?

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  • Invalid url msg when uploading pics?

    Hi intelligent folks.

    I tried to insert an image from a URL that I have already uploaded to coffeesnobs but get the Invalid URL message below.
    Click image for larger version

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    Image is this one

    I've got this error message before when trying to link to images from other websites but assumed there was an issue with the other website.

    However in this case, the image is already part the CS forums so wondering why there is an issue?

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    Originally posted by MrFreddofrog View Post
    However in this case, the image is already part the CS forums so wondering why there is an issue?
    Because the forum software recognizes that you're trying to upload something that is already in its upload directory.

    If you want to include an image/document that's already been uploaded to CS you have 4 options:
    • If you were the user who made the original upload and you used the attachment manager you can add the picture to another post using the manager by dragging the image/document from the upper area to the lower.
    • Download the image from the original post/location and upload it from your computer into the new post.
    • Use the img tag to insert it into the post. This should only be used when the image is small.
    • The final and best options is to insert the image into the new post by using the attach tag.

    For obvious reasons the following examples use ()'s in place of the square brackets that are used when using the tag for real.

    Format for using the img tag: (img)url-to-pic-here(/img)

    To use the attach tag first look at the url to the originally uploaded image. In this case that's Notice the long string of numbers in the middle of the link and how they are divided into two strings separated by a letter, in this case a d. The string of numbers in front of the d is the attachment number. In this case that is 12930. The formatting of the attach tag is: (attach=config)12930(/attach)

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      Ok thanks for that.

      Is it possible to change the error message to "Image already in library" or something more helpful than just "invalid url"?