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My cheating girlfriend - suggestion needed

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  • My cheating girlfriend - suggestion needed

    Feel a bit strange posting this here, but here goes anyway.

    Lately my girlfriend has been working a lot of late shifts,and for the past couple of months she has been carpooling with a male co-worker.

    At first I didnt mind in case she has car trouble or something like that, but it seems they have become a little bit more than friends. You know the scenario, the phone calls that hang up, she starts wearing nice clothes to work and talking about him all the time then abruptly stops leaving an uncomfortable silence.

    If I'm out in the garage tinkering on coffee gear when she gets home (usually after midnight) he just drops her off and leaves, but if the lights are off in the garage and Im in the house (they think Im sleeping) they sit out in the car for like twenty minutes.

    I asked her once what they were doing, and she said "Just talking" ....whatever. So last night I decided to see whats really going on out there. So I leave the garage door open, and turn off all the lights.

    About the time she usually gets home, I go out in the garage and wait.. In a few minutes, his car pulls into my driveway, and Im hiding behind my Alex Duetto I am working on the bench.

    When his headlights shine through my garage and onto the machine, I see something that I just couldn't believe. The side panel has a lot of hairline scratches on it. Should I try buffing these out with car polish or would something like Autosol be better?

    *Not mine, but but found it very funny, sorry if a repost*

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    Perhaps avoiding rubbing your scalp along the side panel in the first place would have been preferable?


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      A photo would be useful. Stainless can be pretty easy to scratch depending on the type and if you use something too harsh you could make things a whole lot worse.
      It would be worth reviewing what you are cleaning it with as that is what is causing the scratching in the first place.
      Best of luck with it, I'm not sure what I would do if I found scratches on my Giotto, not many worse things can happen to a man.


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        This is a concerning situation to be sure. I can only offer the suggestion as consolation that this could have been worse, of course, had a Profitec Pro 700 been involved. That would have been a molestation from which you may not have recovered.

        Please supply photographic evidence of the damage done by a belt buckle being flung from waist height to the garage floor in the dark.


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          I've heard nails/rivets/thumb tacks scattered on the driveway can help in these situations.


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            The car version I read I think was more convincing but I had to change the theme to suit! Got me a beauty first time I read this one!!



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              Originally posted by artman View Post

              Should I try buffing these out with car polish or would something like Autosol be better?
              I say give the girlfriend a microfiber cloth and tell her to get to work!