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Intermittent Earth Fault - Driving me crazy...

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  • Intermittent Earth Fault - Driving me crazy...

    Have just had a very frustrating couple of days trying to locate an intermittent Earth Fault somewhere in our electrical installation here at home....

    What was making it a difficult exercise, was that the fault would trip the central RCD Protection in an apparently random manner, sometimes taking hours before the protection would trip.

    All the major appliances and white goods were quickly eliminated and so that just left a myriad of small devices to check through the weekend. Eventually found the cause, as a Power Lead that plugged into my Wife's Laptop Charger. The IR between Active and Earth was getting down to ~10KOhm which when combined with other residual leakage, was able to trip the RCD.

    Turns out that Toshiba had issued a Recall on this Power Lead in 2014 but we knew nothing about it unfortunately. Anyhow, for anyone else who may have one of these lousy Leads tucked away somewhere, here's a link to the original Recall Advice issued by Toshiba...

    All the best,

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    G'day Mal

    I still have half a dozen of their good leads tucked away. Let me know (PM) if you want one gratis. I do head up around Perth & north occasionally, as I expect you go south sometimes.

    Edit: forget that geography lesson, I always thought you were Warwick WA, not Qld! I can mail you a couple of my spares if you are still in need.

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      Thanks for the offer Tampit...

      All good though, have a couple of spares in drawers and cupboards myself.
      Someone else may come along who needs one though...