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Another journalistic high point, George Michael.

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  • Another journalistic high point, George Michael.

    Would have expected better from The Australian.

    The headline reads,

    "From stardom to dead in bed"

    Why the need for this sort of rubbish? I wasn't a fan, millions were, why not focus on the mans talent and reported acts of humanity and generosity, instead of the negatives, beats me, whoever penned the above should be pretty proud of them selves.

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    Agreed. It makes it appear as if he'd degenerated from a truly gifted singer into some crack whore junkie.

    Which couldn't be further from the truth. The guy was always a star, and always will be - dead or alive.

    These newspapers would be far better off seeking out those who knew George Michael better than anyone (ie. his family, or else a famous musician friend) to write the article instead of some journalist. The words would come straight from the heart, and wouldn't turn him into a glossed-over anecdote or footnote.


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      yes, the aim seems to be to generate conversation, controversy, anger....all of it pointless, irrelevant, distracting......and ultimately profitable.

      plus the australian is a news corp production. i expect the worst from them.


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        Have a close look at the rest of the journalism in the Australian. Just another trashy Murdoch gutter-rag.