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  • Coffee Drinking/Making Habits

    Hi friends,

    We are a group of university students in Germany conducting research on habits of coffee drinkers and luxury coffee machines, and we would love your help to tackle this challenge!

    If anyone wishes to share their knowledge, please take around 5 minutes to fill out our survey here.

    Thanks, and we are eternally grateful.

    German students that love coffee

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    Happy to participate. Will you be sharing any results with us once the survey/study is complete?

    PS one of my most memorable coffee experiences was warming up to a doppelter espresso in a cafe across the road from the Kölner Dom on Christmas Eve about 10 years ago. It was my first-ever (and only so far) experience of a white Christmas and damn it was cold outside! Prost!


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      I'm highly suspicious about the bona fides of these people that appear out of nowhere asking us to take part in a survey.

      The only form of introduction is "We are a group of university students in (insert country)"

      Nothing in the profile and the best they can do as a signature is

      "German students that love coffee"

      Not the first request of this nature we have had of recent times.

      No way I'd be following links, in this day and age your asking for trouble.

      Of course we will see a response assuring us of their good intentions, at best naive, at worst dodgy with ulterior motives.


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        Hi CoffeeHack,

        Thank you very much for your participation, and also for sharing with us one of your most memorable coffee experiences. It is very helpful for our research, and we would be more than happy to share our aggregated results once our research is finished. Prost


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          Hi Yelta,

          It is understandable that you are suspicious of a survey link that seemed to have come out of nowhere. We have more information about the survey listed on first page of the survey for disclosure. We are a group of students from the Technical University of Munich conducting research for a project study about coffee drinkers/makers and are seeking responses from people who have experience with coffee and the coffee market. Our survey is made in Qualtrics, as you can see from the link, which is a well-known market research online survey software.

          We are happy to share our aggregated results after our research is finished.


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            The response I predicted! I'm still not prepared to follow a link from an unidentified source, not so much as a name we can reference to verify the validity of the request.

            I could just as easily claim to be from MIT and include a link containing some form of Malware.


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              No malware there according to my checks and defences, but it looks more like marketing research than university research. I abandoned.


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                Hi beensean,

                It is a university project involving market research on the coffee market. Thank you for at least checking it out.


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                  I did it. Oddly specific question about the spring lever machine I thought......