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  • E61 hx

    Saw this car a couple of years ago but took until today to snap a pic.

    Standard format plates here, not personalised.

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    Wonder if it runs a bit hot?


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      Although a 'coffee-snob' would find it hard to believe, it is as Nick says, a standard issue plate. According to Wiki that ' unusual' format of letters and numbers is normal.

      "In August 2017, when the combination F 99 ZZ was reached the G 00 AA to G 99 ZZ was skipped and the next series recommenced from H 00 AA; the G-series is reserved for Tasmania government. In very late 2018, combinations went straight from H 99 ZZ to I 00 AA; initially it was thought that the "I" series would be skipped to avoid confusion with 1, however as of late December 2018, it appears that combinations would go through the "I" series after all."

      You DO wonder if the owner knows the significance of the sequence. I'd have had to find out.

      Some years ago I decided to re-register my car when the standard-issue QLD plates reached the letters of my name - which I did - for the princely sum of about $100. I have a "personalised" plate that is standard issue. The Service Officer at the QLD Transport Dept. was very co-operative. It amuses me (Yeah, I know, easily amused)