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What do people think of CHOICE Australia?

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  • What do people think of CHOICE Australia?

    There’s been questionable reviews related to coffee. Plus, many years ago I was a photography student and I remember reading a CHOICE article on how to buy a camera. I was left thinking they didn’t know what they were talking about.

    But I guess most of their articles must be good. Or am I wrong? What do people here think about CHOICE?

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    Choice offers basic advice to people who know bugger all, after reading their reviews you really don't know a whole lot more, other than perhaps which is the most popular appliance/commodity, which needless to say does not mean best as far as quality or performance are concerned.


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      Use the site's search engine and you'll find plenty of discussions of peoples thoughts of CHOICE's choices going back many years.

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        Useful for your average appliance or household item. Completely useless for anything that’s slightly specialised (eg. cameras, coffee machines, high end audio).


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          Their comparison tests are great for consolidated data on most offerings on the market. These often highlight that the most expensive is not necessarily the most effective. It is surprising how often cheaper items out-perform the more expensive competition. However, I agree that many of their coffee related comments are puzzling.


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            At the appliance level, I bought my Breville Infuser as a result of this survey from April this year. So far I think the machine has lived up to its test results.



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              I don't rate Choice's recommendations on most things.