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    Mods please delete if not allowed.

    A shout out to any Auckand Snobs, we will be over there touring around the North Island for the 2nd half of March next year.
    At this stage we are intending to hire a car, but due to a medical condition our travels would be much less restricted if we were in a Motorhome with an enclosed toilet. I'm not liking the offerings on the standard websites, either too basic or nose bleed prices, or a con to upsell.

    So my question is, does anyone have, or know of someone with a motorhome that only requires a standard licence, is not too old, reliable, clean and comfortable for 2 people, with an enclosed toilet and would be willing to hire it out? we estimate that we'll be travelling about 2000km over the 2 weeks.
    Please PM me if anyone has any leads.


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    HI Caryn,

    Unfortunately can't help you out with a motorhome to hire - but can offer some advice having done a month long trip in NZ with a camper van and also living in Auckland now.
    Try a few different options for dates and destinations if you have the flexibility. Sometimes you can get better rates going from Auckland to Christchurch or the other way around and if you pick up/drop off just before weekends. Understand that this may not be possible, particularly the change in destination but worth a shot. Also 99% of camper vans only require a regular license not a heavy vehicle license, so you should be fine there.

    I think it will be difficult to find someone with a camper van and willing to lend it out. Not many kiwi's have their own, particularly in Auckland. Most are rentals from company's or bought by backpackers and on sold a few months later.

    Best of luck with the hunt and if you want any advice for destinations etc now or during your trip please yell out.




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      Hi WEBN,
      Thanks for that, it was just an outside the box thought I had, our flights are booked as we only have a small window of opportunity for the dog sitter.
      One thing I haven't looked into yet is where to source brown beans, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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        Hi Caryn,

        I mostly roast my own so I don't tend to buy much roasted beans - but I do quite like Red Rabbit Cafe in Parnel. They roast their own and do good coffees and some pastries etc, not much else in terms of food.

        Not sure how much you know about campervans in NZ, but we have a thing called 'freedom' camping. Basically you can camp anywhere that isn't a main road or isn't specifically signed that you can't. The police and most people also practice a policy of 'if it aint hurting anyone then we will let you be'. So if your campervan is self contained (they must have a sticker saying self contained) you can camp for free in loads of places. Just be respectful and take your trash etc with you and dump waste water in appropriate places.
        If you are looking for a place to park up a couple of nights in Auckland there is Z Pier by West Haven Marina, they allow self contained campervans to park overnight. However a couple of nights in Auckland is more than enough time. The best things in NZ are definitely out of the cities!

        Keep in mind that NZ roads in the country are typically slow. 100km you might think will only take you just over an hour but in NZ can take over two!

        Places worth checking out:
        Keri Keri/Pahia/Russel (Northland Region)
        Waipu glow worm caves - free glow worms!
        Bay of Plenty/Mount Manganui
        Wellington if you make it that far is cool
        Taupo & hot pools
        Lots and lots more!


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          Originally posted by coffee_mum View Post
          One thing I haven't looked into yet is where to source brown beans, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

          Coffee Supreme (also in Wellington)
          Ozone (also in New Plymouth)
          Espresso Workshop
          Red Rabbit
          Point of Yield
          Coffee Lab

          Hamilton: Rocket

          Napier: Third Eye Coffee



          All these roasters should have coffees to suit all brew methods.


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            Hi WEBN,
            Thanks for those places, we have most of them (except Wellington) on our list, I did have Waiomio glow worm caves, but your suggestion of Waipo looks good too. I will have a good look at the DOC site for more.
            We also want to see the Kauri forests, White Is. Taranake and the Forgotten Hwy. Apart from Rangitoto Is. we aren't doing much in Auckland.


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              Leyroy C
              Thanks for that list, we will track down a couple of those and try them out, I'm sure they'll have something to keep us well cafinated for the fortnight