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Random thought whilst playing with machines

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  • Random thought whilst playing with machines

    Does anyone else think weird stuff when working on or with machines,
    Id just turned on the Iberital L'Anna machine which is now on the under contruction Frankencart, and timing how long it takes to come up to pressure,
    14 minutes until heater clicked off,
    And started singing to myself, Queens Under Pressure....

    Anyone else do this kinda thing or have these machines changed some switch in my brain?

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    Big cup of dissapointment

    And in other random thought, good lady who lets me collect machines an i went to grocery shopping theres a great cafe outside woolies that almost stress almost does a good eggies avo tomato feta thingy an usually have great coffee..

    Omg seriously in the words of kitty flannagan “a big cup of dissapointment” was served, two sips and was left

    Very sad day, luckily came home to cafe sullos an all was good with the world
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      If you are a music nut then the whole world is just an excuse to drop names of songs or sing lines.
      I am disappointed if a day goes by when I don't get to do this.
      Not just "machine-related" - any excuse will do...


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        I agree with Rocky, any excuse. I was just preparing my running socks for the morning. They’re made by Head. I couldn’t help but sing Head, from Prince’s great but controversial 1980 album Dirty Mind. My wife’s wondering what my point is...


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          There's even an etiquette to it.
          It's considered a bit contrived to set yourself up for a 'reference' but OK to have a
          straight-man' to 'cue' you.
          The straight-man is also allowed to say "Gee, that would be a great title for a song!"
          (The best straight-men and women also do backing vocals)(and cue you when you forget all the words)