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Hi Coffee Snobs. We are Oeck. Let's chat!

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  • Hi Coffee Snobs. We are Oeck. Let's chat!

    Hi CoffeeSnobs,

    We just became a sponsor of Coffee Snobs so you will see our banners soon. We didn't want to just come in and advertise, that would be rude. So we would like to get to know the community and take part in discussions.

    We’re two guys from Melbourne that recently launched our VPN startup - Oeck. Our story started like a lot of other Aussie businesses. We didn’t love the current services that were available. We seriously hated switching regions all the time to stream shows, so we started our own VPN…

    We’ve built our service with some pretty unique features that nobody else offers. Basically, we’ve automatically unblocked some of the most popular streaming services from various countries. For example: if you live in Sydney then you’d connect to our Sydney VPN region and you will still be able to unblock streaming services based in other countries ( such as US, UK, German and many more Netflix regions). In the past, you’d need to manually change between servers in different countries and disconnect to access local content like iView. Now, just connect and we’ve sorted the rest. There are lots of channels available

    We have a lot of other unique features only available with Oeck which I will be happy to explain to anyone who wants to know more about them.

    Also, we genuinely care about the privacy and security of our users. We don’t use hard drives, ever. We don’t log our users data, we don’t use third party VPN servers. Basically, we manage your privacy in the same way that we want our own privacy handled (and we’re pretty particular with our requirements!). You can torrent safely, you can browse the internet with a lot more privacy, you can even bypass ISP speed traps if your ISP pulls stunts like that. We also have a very customisable blocker ( malware, ads, tracking and adult ) plus a completely custom blocker which you can make.

    Please also read our FAQ and Privacy Policy in order to understand exactly what type of service to expect. You can view our features here and our whirlpool thread @ .

    If anyone has any questions, comments or just wants to say hello, please reply to this thread

    Thanks again everyone!


    Peter @ Oeck.

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    Thanks for the like Dimal Feel free to give the service a test. It is completely free for 6 hours. No payment details required at all!

    Peter @ Oeck.


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      Just curious If I signed up to your VPN service and Google blocked downloads of Australian news as they are threatening would I still be able to access it through your VPN?


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        Hi @Ted2013,

        I am not sure what Google is going to do, but if they block Australian news from appearing in their search results then a VPN will not help. There will be nothing to bypass it as Google is blocking them completely. If they geoblock it ( they only don't allow Australians to see the results, but other countries can ) then yes, the VPN will help but only if you connect to a country other than Australia.

        You can see an example of how geounblocking works. Sign up for a free 6 hour trial and install our app on your device. Once done, sign into the app and make sure the VPN is switched on ( connect to a VPN region closest to you ). Then, on the same device, open up Netflix. You will now have access to thousands of movies and shows you normally do not get. This is due to us geo-unblocking their content. You can configure which countries Netflix should come from in your settings ( found in your dashboard on the website ).

        So, if Google is only geo-blocking, yes, it can be bypassed. If Google bans the news websites from their searches completely, there will be no bypass.

        Peter @ Oeck.


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          I gave it a test last night at home, it's a very neat service and a unique way of getting easy VPN access with easily changeable GEO locations.

          With a simple app on my phone I could send all my internet traffic out of the Melbourne VPN with no speed impact yet could watch something in the UK as if I was a local.

          I tried it on my desktop computer and it could also easily become a Sydney address with access to the USA Netflix.

          I then complicated it by installing it on my router to VPN the whole house. I had a little grief getting it going but one of the Whirlpool posts had a similar IP6 problem and adding a couple of lines to the .ovpn file fixed the issue of me having IP6 disabled on the router.

          The only gotcha I found was that with the router running a VPN I couldn't connect a PPTP from my desktop to somewhere else, but I expect that with some router rules I could send that traffic "around" the VPN to fix the problem. Just didn't have time to investigate that further at midnight last night.

          One of the test sites I tried was it's one of the free TV services out of the USA that is blocked from Australia. If you connect to from here you get a redirection that says "unavailable in your location" but with Oeck it works fine and my connections to Australian services were not impacted.

          How Oeck differs from the plethora of VPN offerings is that the others make a connection to a different country and all your traffic goes there so if you are then opening CoffeeSnobs your traffic goes all over the planet with the associated lag. Oeck lets me use all Australian connections as normal but when I hit one of the streaming services in another country only that traffic is routed overseas. It's a really clever way of doing it.

          There is a free trial for 6 hours, plenty of time to fiddle and make sure your devices work too.