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I survived the AstraZenica vaccine.

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  • I survived the AstraZenica vaccine.

    Today I feel old, not old enough to go in the first vax group but old enough for the second.

    I just got the shot at the old Ford factory which is close to the Snobbery.

    T'was an anti-climax though, not even a good pin prick (our summer mozzies give a bigger sting) then a sit in the waiting area for 15 minutes to see if I drew the unlucky 1:250,000 ticket and I didn't "win" that draw so came back to work.

    Here's the "I survived the AstraZeneca vaccine" ticket.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	AstraZeneca-Survival_Card.jpg Views:	0 Size:	19.5 KB ID:	865214

    Now I just have to remember to go again in 12 weeks time.

    Have you had a shot yet?

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    Booked in for the 15th, glad you survived!!!!


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      I got my first shot on 5 April (Easter Monday) , got a reaction on day 2 (a couple of Nurafen that day only kept it under control) and felt a bit 'fluey' for a few days after and fine since. No regrets


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        I have a matching one. Got mine on Saturday arvo and midnight to dawn on Sunday was one hellava ride! Best reaction I have ever had from a vaccination, but in the big picture of things, way, way preferable to COVID.

        Hope it goes smoothly for you Andy.


        • Andy
          Andy commented
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          I hear a rumour from overseas that if you get a strong reaction to the first jab it's likely that you've had COVID prior (even if you didn't know) and the good news is the booster is generally not noticed if you cop it first time.

        • Caffeinator
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          Who knows? Did get tested once when I had symptoms, but came up clear. At any rate, side effects were totally gone by Sunday night and I have felt totally fine since then...

        • Javaphile
          Javaphile commented
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          Some people react to the shots for reasons having nothing to do with whether or not they had been previously infected with Covid-19. The real test tends to be the severity of the reaction, and how you react to both shots in the series. If you have a nasty reaction to the first shot and not to the 2nd odds are you've previously been exposed to Covid-19, or possibly to one of its close relatives such as SARS. Typically it appears the more severe your initial infection was the more severe your reaction to the first shot will be.

          Most people have little reaction to the first shot with a more noticeable reaction to the 2nd.

          An upside to those who have been previously infected and get vaccinated is it appears they have greater protection against the Covid-19 variants floating around as well as to other coronaviruses.

          The necessary caveats: Research is still thin in this area as it is so new but the initial 4 independent studies all found similar results and the reality at the tip of the needle looks to be backing it up. The research was only conducted on the mRNA based vaccines.

          Java "Glad he's gotten his jabs" phile

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        My missus and I had our covax 1 shot two weeks ago. The med centre we attend had some AstraZ left over so they called us up.

        No pain from the jab but had a sore arm and a headache for a couple of days. The nurse told me that the clotting problem could appear anything between 4 days and 4 weeks after.

        Had the fluvax today then covax 2 on July 10.
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        • Andy
          Andy commented
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          flynnaus 4 days to 4 weeks is interesting, I didn't ask about the clotting as it's a 1:250,000 chance and Geelong only has 200,000 people so we can't die from it here.

        • flynnaus
          flynnaus commented
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          This site provides info about TTS (Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome). It mentions 4 to 26 days

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        I saw my doctor in The Marsh yesterday and I’m on their list but no idea when.
        My nearest bulk centres are Ballarat or Geelong so I might just double up with a BeanBay order pick up.
        Did you have to pre-book Andy?


        • Andy
          Andy commented
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          amberale I booked online about 9am this morning for a shot at 1:20pm. Could have picked any timeslot for tomorrow but I'm on the roaster all day tomorrow so it was easier to do today.

          They were taking walk-ins but the booking process was simple enough through the Barwon Health site and you can also answer the questionnaire saving a nurse on-site from going through as many questions.

        • amberale
          amberale commented
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          Bewdy, thanks.

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        I am booked in for this Saturday. The Mrs will book in one or two weeks' time. We have decided to stagger our jabs just in case if we are affected by side-effects, we can look after each other.


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          I’m booked for the 12th for my first shot. Will be 14 days after my flu jab( 14 days was the recommended gap) . I’m off to hospital for a knee replacement on the 24th and that will be 12 days after my first AZ vax. The recommendation is 7 days min between Covid vax and surgery but I’m seeing my anaesthesiologist on the morning of the 12th and will mention it and make sure he is happy for me to have it. Hopefully all will be fine. Hubby is also having his the same day but a few hours later. He usually gets a bit of a reaction to flu jabs where as I get none. Fingers crossed neither of us are too unwell from it.


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            I've completed the Moderna vaccination 2-shot series. I got the first shot 9 months after recovering from a 2 month long infection of Covid-19 and had a nasty reaction to it that lasted 4 days with the first 2 days being as bad as the initial infection with the effects then tapering off over the next 2 days. I got the 2nd shot in the series 4 weeks later and had absolutely no reaction to it at all.

            Java "Get vaccinated!" phile
            Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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              Got mine 3 weeks ago and reaction was very Nasty.
              Had flu symptoms for about a week, shivering, fever and just feeling very shitty.


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                Had my AZ vaccine 2 weeks ago. Zero side effects for me. ?


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                  Am booked in for the 6th May.


                  • saeco_user
                    saeco_user commented
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                    10 hours after AZ injection had bad flu-like symptoms which lasted about 12 hours.

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                  I work in healthcare and got the Pfizer vaccine right at the start. More side effects after the second dose but mainly lethargy for a day and a bit of arm pain


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                    I am well over the five zero threshold but as I have had a number of minor blood clots as the result of surgery(s) I believe my GP is planning on administering the Pfizer vax to me.Not sure if that means a wait till the end of 2021 for stock or not. I obviously will be guided by him but if we get an Indian type wave I’ll be lining up for my lottery ticket regardless...


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                      My wife and I had the AZ vaccination five weeks ago. The following day I felt a little “off colour” (minor muscle soreness and a bit shivery). Not enough to even bother taking a Panadol.
                      My wife had no side effects at all and went out and played golf.
                      I would encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as they can so we can develop a level of herd immunity and get back to living life and enjoying our coffee.