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  • Withdrawn White NZ AUS

    White Niche Zero grinder just arrived. Situation has changed since unit was ordered and reluctantly Click image for larger version

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 3.23.41 PM.jpeg
Views:	746
Size:	133.0 KB
ID:	881380​​​need to sell. Still in the shipping box unopened

    Price is $1,500. Pickup Frankston VIC, can ship at buyers expense

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    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      Amazing that he doesn't want it or amazing that he's asking so much more than it cost him to land one?

      It's really not in the community spirit of CoffeeSnobs free for sale area and might be better suited on eBay.

    • JeromeFink
      JeromeFink commented
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      Andy, I think this attack is unfair. I want the Niche as much today as I did when I ordered it and paid upfront more than 3 months ago, just been screwed by COVID, thats all. I have also sold my BDB and SGP and will stick to pour overs with the second hand Encore that I have.

      As the owner of this site, whose existance is to be a place for discussion and sharing of all things coffee, you cannot deny that it is equally to bring traffic to your shop, from which you directly profit, both with the money from sponsors and your additional sales of coffee. No one questions why you sell raw beans at $10/kg to $110/kg when the spot price is $5.70 (US$4.21 today), or if this is a fair markup. You don't set the price based on what you pay, you base it on what the market will pay. And since you do profit, I would question the use of the term "free" for this forum. At worst it is a loss leader depending on how much admin time you have to spend on it. Both Gumtree and FB marketplace are effective and free, but we all know they offer the service because of the traffic it brings them. Why are you any different?

      If I have violated forum rules, call me out, but just because I am not one of your sponsors selling relabelled tamps or scales for 4 times the price you can buy the same gear for on Amazon, doesn't make me a bad guy.

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    Originally posted by JeromeFink View Post
    Andy, I think this attack is unfair.
    Yet I think the "attack" was actually quite polite and very restrained.

    just been screwed by COVID, thats all.
    I'm sorry to hear that covid screwed you, there are many sad stories but trying to then screw someone from our community who wants to buy a grinder is really not cool and certainly not in the community spirit.

    As the owner of this site...
    Yep, at the end of the day it's my sandpit , my rules and always my fault.
    Most of the 59,000 members over the last 16 years are okay with the few rules we have. It keeps the place nice and most people understand that.

    Why are you any different?
    I don't sell anything in the CoffeeSnobs for sale area and if I did then I would be under the same rules as the rest of the community (I expect).

    If I have violated forum rules, call me out,
    The very first rule:
    For members to sell their own excess 2nd hand equipment only

    New in an unopened box isn't really second hand and at one point in the past that rule actually said not new items too. We edited that years ago and have allowed many people to sell new items at reasonable prices but selling for an obvious profit doesn't sit well with the community.

    You were not the first to try and profit on the Niche, just your bad timing that you were the straw that broke the camels back.

    I have just amended the rules to say:

    * Need to include a reasonable selling price, landed cost or less

    and added a "Fink" paragraph at the bottom that says:

    If the item posted is priced substantially over RRP and we think you are just trying to profit from the CoffeeSnobs community we'll lock the post and lock your account, no questions asked. Facebook, Gumtree, Ebay exist to sell stuff to strangers at whatever price you choose, CoffeeSnobs For Sale is for our community to offer items to each other at a fair and reasonable price.

    We have never wanted 25 pages of legaleze for the For Sale section, but over the last 16 years we have had to add some simple rules to stop the area "going feral" like so many sale pages.

    Your account has been locked and this page has been marked as WITHDRAWN as suckers willing to pay that price won't be able to contact you.


    • 338
      338 commented
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      Andy, sorry that you needed to spend the time to write this. It seems the meaning of 'community' is being lost for some in these difficult times.

    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      Yes, I agree 338. There is an upside though, thanks to Mr Fink the rules are clearer now and it saves future discussions, we just remove the post and lock the account (per the rules) and that's way better. Our CS community will "Flag" suss listings and Javaphile and I will discuss (off-line) if it's an edge case before acting.

    • mthomas87
      mthomas87 commented
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      Any chance you could make a post in the rules thread whenever there is a change/edit? Or if there's some way to flag it as unread for everyone.

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    I don't think there is anything unfair about the rules above - the intention is clear of the For Sale section: Members can sell excess equipment at a fair price to other members.
    Not to mention that even under the pre-modified rules he was in violation of them as selling an item at a profit makes the ad/sale a commercial one, which is clearly and explicitly listed as prohibited. So Fink, consider yourself called out.

    Java "Got no time for self-righteous profiteering gougers" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Not a minute too soon Andy. That behaviour was absolutely disgraceful and it actually does make him a bad guy.

      Not cool to aggressively attack someone and site sponsors in the way he did. Apart from that, the majority of the rubbish he wrote is plain and simple wrong.

      We're all living in tricky times and with extra stress.

      One member lost but integrity maintained.


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        Any chance you could make a post in the rules thread whenever there is a change/edit?
        Seems sorta pointless though, no one reads them unless they can't post in the for sale section and even then they only skim enough to be able to post.